Thursday, September 4, 2008

A New IKEA Dollhouse?

This morning, I was contacted by a woman who wanted to know if I thought IKEA should make a new modern dollhouse with 1:12 replicas of their furniture designs. I'm not sure if she works for IKEA or not...however, I actually do think it would be cool--especially if they made some replicas of their modern kitchens!

I also think my opinion is irrelevant, but I was curious to know if others thought it would be a good idea (See poll top right). Thoughts?

UPDATE: 9/11/08
I'm surprised that there were more than 2 votes for the poll. Of course, it could have been the same 2 people voting 63+/- times. In total, there were127 votes with 99% saying "Yes!, build that IKEA dollhouse...IKEA!" and 1% saying "NAH, don't think it's necessary." I also received a few dozen emails that were positive about the possibility. Overall, I think it would be something that people would like to see (if done well) and buy.


  1. I agree - It could be very cool!

  2. Yes, yes, and YES. I would immediately bankrupt myself and purchase every piece. Hmmmm... duplicates anyone?

  3. I missed the poll but I LOVE the idea and I would definitely be a customer!

  4. i've started making my own 1:12 copies of ikea furniture - that's all the imaginary occupants of my dolls house can afford! the first bed is up on flickr...

  5. Yes, but they have to be flatpacked of course!

  6. Ha ha! Susan, that's a cool idea for the packaging. Don't know if I could handle tiny Allen wrenches though.