Thursday, August 7, 2008

Prolonged 1:6 Crush

Okay. I typically collect modern dollhouses in 1:12 scale—and a few in 1:16/1:18 scale. However, I am seriously considering a purchase of the Voila Toys Giant Dollhouse, which is 1:6 scale. I mean, I really have a crush on this massive toy—since 2006. There’s really nothing architecturally astounding about it—other than its size. It just looks fun!

It stands slightly less than 5 feet, has 3 stories, 12 rooms, 2 spiral staircases and 3 fireplaces. The dollhouse even has casters to easily move all around. It comes with a set of dolls and is fully furnished. The design is reminiscent of the Voila Toys Large Dollhouse which is 1:12. The construction is rubberwood so it can take several beatings and still look fab over the years. I see it as this cool item in one of my children’s rooms and later the cool toy at my house for my grandkids.

It’s roughly $1,300 retail—and probably double once you ship it to the States. Hmm.

I’ve started putting pennies in a “save” jar…

Images: Voila Toys


  1. It's huge! In my quest for the Voila Large dollhouse, a UK source gave me a shipping quote for the giant dollhouse accidentally:

    Air Shipping to NY £ 665.25
    Sea Shipping to NY £ 386.05

    plus 17.5% VAT (on both house and shipping!). I almost fell off my chair before I realized the mistake. . .

  2. Sea shipping it is! Ha Ha! Whoa and Lordy!
    I know it's gonna be a $2K+ range purchase. I'm trying to acquire it through some American merchants who can order it. It used to be available at FAO too, but I missed the chance. Have to have it. Its awesome and unique size plus quality construction make it a must-have in the collection of toys at my home.

  3. Well, I guess I didn't miss out. FAO Schwarz expects to have this dollhouse available again this year--closer to Christmas time. It's a seasonal item. It will retail at $1,600 with an additional $45 handling charge. The shipping is basic ground. Hmm--I hope they really do carry it. We'll see!

  4. did the doll house you were looking for come back in stock?

  5. No, it didn't! I was going to post about it but thought it to be more boring than the usual posts on here. FAO had a giant dollhouse but it was a LAME job--not the Voila Toys version.

  6. Not sure if you are still wanting one of these, but apparently a Canadian retailer carries it:

    Altera told me about the online store when I was looking up the Voila Large dollhouse.

    Not sure how much it's to ship to U.S. but I am guessing that it can't be as bad as coming from UK.

  7. Thanks Vwong,

    I contacted them late last year and they said they would give me a quote for shipping but never wrote me back--even after I sent two more emails a month and three months later, asking if they ever got the quote. I don't think it's going to happen so I've decided to kill the idea, save the money and wait to see what modern dollhouse pops up next. Hopefully something soon...

  8. Hello - Has anyone had any luck on locating the Voila Giant Dollhouse in the U.S. or Canada for Xmas 2009?

    It's still available online at a few toy stores in Australia, but I cannot locate it domestically.