Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nice Roof

This dollhouse distributed by Lakeshore Learning is kind of interesting. I think it would be a suitable dollhouse in a modern designed child’s room or for someone starting a modern miniature adventure, obsession or sickness.

The Play-All-Around Dollhouse appears to be a simple dollhouse that gets some modern design street credibility thanks to the Plexiglas roof. The house is relatively large at 22x25x23 and is constructed of heavy-duty hardwood—so it can probably take playtime beatings. I would guess by the staircase that the scale is 1:10 but 1:12 furnishings should blend well. If purchasing for children, I would advise not to get the dollhouse furniture produced by Lakeshore but to use sets from Voila Toys, Plan Toys, Pintoy, etc., etc.

This dollhouse is affordable at $129.00 retail and about $20 for shipping. This house actually arrives completely assembled. I’m curious to see what it looks like in person. I think it could look rather fascinating if decorated with realistic furniture and accessories.

UPDATE 12/29/08
Hey! They raised the price to $149.00 plus shipping.

Image: Lakeshore Learning

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  1. Thanks! I am going to order this house for my daughters (ages 6 and 9). This will work perfectly for their room. This dollhouse is affordable but I have no idea how much I will end up spending on some modern furniture.