Saturday, June 14, 2008

Momoll in The Kaleidoscope House

I wanted to use two of the Momoll sinks in this scene, but those that I have are too different from each other to work well together. I decided to use the Momoll dining table to complete the kitchen island. I've always admired the original kitchens in Eichler homes that had the dining table and cooking surface as one unit. Due to space, I couldn't put four of the Organic Armchairs at the table extension so opted for one of the Momoll dining benches instead that could be tucked underneath when not in use to maximize traffic flow.

The kitchen island, benches and bar are from the Momoll Legno sets. The chairs are from Reac Japan. The bar stools are from Lil Bratz sets. The shelving units are from Gotochi. The stove is from Streets Ahead Dollhouse. The dishes and kitchenware that are not from candy toy companies are from Mighty World sets. Other accessories are from Re-ment, Reutter Porcelain, Irwin and Mega House.


  1. This miniature is amazing. Where do you come up with the designs? Seriously, this is quite impressive.

  2. I can't find the shelving units anywhere. Is there a website you get them from or something?

  3. I got the Gotochi shelving units from ebay.