Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hotel...Yeah, I'm Not Going To Finish It

Well, I've decided to abandon the hotel design and go in a different direction. The pictures above show the incomplete design with figures.


  1. what u have there looks great :)

  2. Thanks Drey!
    BTW, Your new house is a nice style--excellent cool canvas to decorate.

  3. Oh well. Our loss.
    However, your start on it still paints a rounded picture of it as a hotel.
    Do you know what the building will be next?

  4. Ha ha! I've been hearing from people who say "You mean it ISN'T finished"--too funny. I think I am going to make it a plain old boring family house...Thanks Uyek

  5. thanks! i'm so excited to move in... yet nervous about redecorating plans... never know if it's going to go southwards!