Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hotel In Progress...Do I Want To Finish?

This is the start of the hotel design, using many Momoll, Selecta and Voila Toys furniture pieces. I worked on it for about 30-minutes yesterday evening.
I refuse to buy anything new to decorate it so am using everything that is already in my inventory. The above pictures show the mid-budget modern hotel that I somehow ended up with. The first 4 photos show the lobby and lounge, the last 2 show the restaurant and bar. I am attempting to finish this hotel design before I get bored with the idea but am already faltering...


  1. I really like the wall chair designs. Did you make those or purchase them? If the latter do you know who made them?

  2. They are Eames coasters--roughly $20 or less. Search "Eames Coasters" and it comes up immediately.