Friday, March 14, 2008

Life's A Birch...Dollhouse

I am routinely encouraged to believe that I have married one of the greatest people on the planet. This morning, I discovered that this "great person" got me a Villa Sibi Dollhouse as a second and belated birthday present. I love it! I've been wanting to add it to my collection for some time (especially before it is discontinued and selling for thousands) but never had any idea where I would put it. Hmm...still have no idea.


  1. Beautiful house, beautiful gift! Very nice blog
    I wan't a villa Sibi too, but the problem is the place, it is big, so I will first take it without the ground!

  2. oh boy! am i glad i found your blog today :) you lucky cuss to get the villa sibi...i wanted one for my vintage barbies but so expensive. i'm love LOVING your blog. and now thanks to your links, i'm inspired to make my own modern barbie dollhouse. my grandpa made me one in the 70's from a plan he found in sunset. 3 stories with an elevator. but it didn't survive unfortunately :(

  3. Hey Lisa!

    Welcome and Thank you. Is it weird that I am thanking someone who called me a "lucky cuss"? ha ha
    The Villa Sibi (roughly 1:16/1:18)is packed away until I find a place to put it. Please do share your progress with your modern Barbie dollhouse.

  4. I found your blog today and it is great.Such a pity some of this stuff doesn't come in 1/6 scale.
    I have now a Barbie Dollhouse as well and I'm starting to furnish it :-) It is so much fun.
    I loved the Espresso set by Bodo Henning you published pictures of, here in Germany it costs 17 euros...pffff...a bit hefty for my budget, we'll see...

  5. Thanks Claudia,

    As a 1:12 collector, I always feel like the good modern stuff is in 1/6 scale. Too funny!

  6. I just received a villa sibi from my husband for Christmas and it was an incredible and happy surprise! Believe it or not, we got it for $300 from a toy store in Brooklyn -- it was their floor model. In great condition, just a little dusty. Question -- the dining table has four chairs, right? Ours came with three only. Great blog!

  7. Hi fernbaum,

    Yes, the dining set should have 4 chairs. Congrats on the great purchase! I'm totally jealous! ha ha! Let me know if you get custom furniture for your Sibi.

    Best to you!