Saturday, January 12, 2008

Defining Spaces in the Kaleidoscope House

Sometimes it is hard to decorate the open space in the Kaleidoscope House. I love the design of the structure and the floor plan but I have found it hard to define kitchen, dining and living areas within that one double height space. It's almost as if I need about 4-6 more inches in length towards the chimney to make the space not appear to be crowded when decorated.

Granted, I could always define the room next to the stairs as the dining room, but that turns it into a formal dining room and a formal dining room seems weird in this house, plus I'm not a fan of formal dining rooms. I always feel like formal dining rooms are a waste of space. In my experience, the formal dining room always turns into a pass through to get to another room or is left vacant when it isn't a holiday. When I see formal dining spaces in homes for sale, I always think to myself about knocking down the wall to open up to the adjacent kitchen or turning the dining room into an office space. Okay, let me end this tangent about my dislike for formal dining rooms.

The images above are the start of another revamp of the Kaleidoscope House. I still have not mastered how to define the living areas in that space. I don't think I ever will.


  1. In my house I turned the kitchen bench around and didn't leave space for bar stools. By doing this I could have my Jasper Morrison sofa right against the back of the bench which meant it defined the living area to the left (looking from the kitchen) and the casual dining area to the right.

    Although you can get from one area to the other by walking between the end of the sofa and the fireplace I figured most people would be grabbing a snack in the kitchen and going through to the casual dining area from there.

    And yes, I have a separate dining room next to the stairs as well but I suspect it's used more as a board room for the business rather than for eating!

    See here for a photo:

    (I've since removed the vintage green cupboard as I thought it was too domineering)

  2. Ahh! Good idea.
    I think my biggest mistake is trying to do too much in that one space.