Sunday, October 7, 2007

What Could Have Been 2: Kaleidoscope House Car and Home Office

Another lament for great Kaleidoscope House accessories that never made it to market.

There were plans for a 1:12 version of the Ford 021 Concept Car (pictured above) designed by Marc Newson and a home office designed by Asymptote Architecture's Hani Rashid and Lise Ann Couture. All we know about the home office is that it was supposed to come complete with a battery operated plasmatic screen. I contacted Hani and Lise to see if they had any illustrations for the KH project and will update this post when/if they respond.

Picture source: Ford Motor Company


  1. hani has one n and here is a link to asymptote's portable home office designed in 04

  2. Thanks, Kevin.
    I was following the spelling that was in the Bozart Toys catalog.