Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hallmark Has a Miniature Flat Screen For The Holidays

Here's another great holiday ornament that you can use in your modern miniature scenes. It's distributed by Hallmark and is the ESPN "This is SportsCenter" ornament. The actual item looks better than the promotional photo above. It has lights and sound so when you push a button, the screen lights up and the SportsCenter theme song plays. The TV has a quality screen and is moderately detailed with input/output hookups on the back. The sound really surprised me with how good it actually is--plus it's loud.

I bought one today because it cracked me up. The hook on top pulls out easily with a twist from a set of pliers and the unit stands on its own. I don't mind the ESPN on the front but you could paint over it with the right match of silver paint. This looks great in the dollhouse and would probably look cool in a modern sports bar scene. I'm using this in a 1:12, but it would also work for smaller scales or even 1:6.

Retail: $15.00...but after Christmas, they always have the 50% off sale of their ornaments. Shrug.

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  1. Cute idea. Thanks!
    BTW, are you like rich or something????