Monday, October 4, 2010

Rub-A-Dub-Dub...Acacia Tub

This scene actually started a few months ago during a casual trip to Crate & Barrel. They had a display of acacia bowls that are intended to serve appetizers or small snacks...err wait---is that the same thing? Hmm--bygones! Anyway, I chose the one above because it had the most flaws and I thought it could pull off the look of a natural and weathered wood tub. I wasn't completely sure how I was going to display it but took it home, gave it a very light polish, drilled a few holes in the vessel and attached a fixture. After that, it just sat on my desk for weeks and weeks without any real purpose. Fast forward to my purchase of a M112 Pod version 2.0 and the discovery of the Reutter Porzellan outdoor shower and you've got yourself a recipe for what you see above.

About that Reutter outdoor shower...It's much better than I had anticipated. I think it could easily be spray painted or even carefully disassembled to put the shower head on another base or to create a shower over tub. I like the back brush and loofah accessories that come with the shower, but I quickly ditched the "this-is-ugly" stool with the glued on towel and duck = Quack! And, true confession time, the "Adult Collectable" stickers on the outside of the Reutter Porzellan boxes make me feel a little...well...uncomfortable...

The Goods: Acacia tub is Crate & Barrel with an ELF Miniatures fixture (installed in reverse); natural wood edge vanity and floor mirror are PRD; sink bowls are DHE; showers are Reutter Porzellan; all accessories are Voila Toys, Playmobil, Reutter Porzellan, Mattel, MOMA and ebay and hobby store finds.


  1. You know, I am not quite five feet tall but sometimes when I see such a calming scene I wish I was not quite five inches tall! Like very much! Melissa

  2. Fabulous! An inspired choice for the bath.

  3. What lovely pictures! I've been looking for bowls and soap dishes that would work as minis.. either I am too picky or I just need to suck it up and get myself to a crate and barrel!

    I just love the idea of repurposing 1:1 scale stuff to 1:12 scale!

  4. Hi Melissa!
    I'm glad you found this scene calming. Nothing like a spa bathroom, ey? Chuckles.

  5. Thanks Ann,
    You are rather crafty so you probably could make something much better than anything found. For years, I had no choice but to repurpose 1:1 items. I'm not good at making things so this habit is die hard, man. :)

  6. Once again Modern MC -- you left me drooling with your awesome pics! Love the tub -- can almost imagine enjoying a relaxing soak in it!

    (oh yes -- this is for you. please feel free to take this out since you need to approve this entry: i had to move my blog to WordPress since VOX shut down its blogging service. So my new URL is the following: again! So happy to see new entries coming in again!!)

  7. Thanks Chibipulse!

    Good to hear from you. I updated the "A Miniature Obsession" link.


  8. oh a great scene and a great tube of course. and so typically you.
    It's funny for me to see some new Reutter items on an American Blog, I didn't noticed this shower before.
    It is so good to see you're going on with the minis and your sharing of it. Thank you!

    Oese from
    still unable to comment with own account :-(

  9. Hi Oese,
    Thank you.I'm awed by how often you create mini scenes. Great eye candy!

  10. Simply smashing! Love it! I so enjoy seeing re-purposing of 1:1 in 1:12 in general, and especially in baths. Thanks for posting, and thanks for sharing your amazing work. I hope this is an indication that you are now going to try to post more regularly...???

  11. Thanks CallSmall!
    Yeah, I'm trying. ha ha! We'll see how far I can keep running. I might try out some crazy stuff over the next couple of months. We'll see...

  12. I've been trying to avoid that outdoor shower like the plague. Darn you.


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