Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17th: Go, Diego, Go

I am very fond of Diego Goldberg's Arrow of Time photo art and ritual. Whenever June rolls around, I think of this family and I'm later compelled to visit the Arrow of Time site just to see how they are doing. The photos tell over 30 years of this family's story. You watch everyone change and age--and even get married and have children.
Although I love Diego's work of art, I always get a little anxious when it is time to check in on them. I fear the day when one of the family members is not there. It's interesting how you can care about people that you don't know.

Anyway, I admire Mr. Goldberg's perseverance to continue this project year after year.

These dolls were made by Mary Colleen Eld of Silver Acorn.


  1. How cool! I had not heard of this, but it reminds me of the "7 Up" project in England, where they followed a family at seven year intervals. This is so touching. I love how each of the boys grew beards like their father! This must have been Silver Acorn's most interesting commission! Does Diego know you created these dolls? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Call Small,
    Mary did mention that she enjoyed making these dolls. I think I am always asking her for the unusual and she gets a kick out of it. She is so talented. You should see the embroidery on the fabrics.
    Diego finds humor in the post, and sent me a note that said: "Just amazing! I do hope it's a private thing. I wouldn't want to see those dolls on ebay!". I laughed and laughed.

  3. Lovely dolls. I loved them.

  4. the fotos are really touching, I think nearly everyone is sad he hadn't such fotos of his family too.
    but I don't understand why Mary made this dolls. Was it your order?

  5. Hi Oese,
    Yes, I know! My Mr. and I discussed doing something similar prior to our first baby, but we never did. It takes a discipline that we don't have--I mean, I can't even maintain a blog so...Chuckles
    I put in a special order for the dolls because the Arrow of Time project resonates with me. Mary seems to be okay with my "crazy"...

  6. Thanks for blogging them! I had a wonderful time with the project. Tell Diego not to worry- it was a one-of-a-kind set! He won't find himself on Ebay, LOL.

    I do love the challenges you set for me; it's so much fun to figure out something new. And I LOVE seeing my little people in the world you create.

  7. When I ran across this, i was just left speechless. It takes a dedicated family to stick to this. Its shows that there is love there. JUST AMAZING!!!

  8. Hi dolapo,
    I know what you mean. It's a fantastic endeavor and definitely a strong family exercise. Interesting that something so simple is incredibly inspiring.

  9. This is great! I'm sure some of you have seen the time lapse videos (many of them viral) on YouTube of people photographing themselves not every year, but every day...for years! My favorite (and I guess the most popular):
    And the longest one on there I can find, done in a cool format:

  10. Cute dolls. I loved them! ;)

    And about "Flecha del tiempo", I knew about it in 2003, through an email (that I 'lost'). Happily, I found the link again because of (Saint) Google :) It's a great idea... See how time goes by... Fantastic.

  11. Es un proyecto hermoso. Felicidades

  12. I have also been following this Arrow of Time for a few years - lovely to see the additions to the family. It is a beautiful sequence.

    1. Hello Eleanor,
      It is fascinating. I do not have the discipline that it requires. Best to you!

  13. "Although I love Diego's work of art, I always get a little anxious when it is time to check in on them. I fear the day when one of the family members is not there. It's interesting how you can care about people that you don't know"

    I had the same thought... and look forward to see the development of this exciting social experiment with a certain level of anxiety.

  14. ¡Felicitaciones a Sebastián y su nueva mujer este año! Sería interesante conocer algunas detalles cuando hay cambios del año tran año.

    Congrats to Sebastian and his new lady this year. It would interesting to know some of the details when there are changes from year to year.

  15. No new pic of Diego this year, 2019?


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