Sunday, September 9, 2007

Some Modern Dollhouse Plans

Another alternative to kit bashing is finding older modern dollhouse plans. Dollhouse plans require much more skill and time than a kit of course. You need to purchase all the parts and be handy enough to make accurate woodcuts, etc. Some dollhouse and hobby stores can get you in contact with people who build dollhouses from plans—thus saving yourself time, but not money.

One of the more commonly found plans is the “Contemporary Dollhouse Plans” distributed by Doll Domiciles. You can find this on ebay about every couple of months. In addition, you can also visit your local dollhouse hobby store and probably dig one up.

Another lovely mid-century set of plans is from McCall’s called the “Betsy McCall Dollhouse No. 150W”. I once saw this ¾ inch scale dollhouse in its completed form up for auction. It was in need of some TLC but looked rather interesting.

A very hard to find set of modern dollhouse plans comes from Toadstool Studios and is called the “No. 786 High Rise”. It’s a lovely set of plans that produces a 48x24x56 size dollhouse apartment building, complete with 5 apartments and four shops on the ground floor.

Pictured above:

  • Contemporary Dollhouse plans by Doll Domiciles
  • Betsy McCall Dollhouse plans by McCall's (and auction photos of the house made from these plans)
  • High Rise plans by Toadstool Studios


  1. I am trying to find a copy of plans for the "Garden House" by Rundquist Miniatures. Does anyone have these?

  2. I check ebay a lot for modern dollhouses and patterns.

    I was lucky to win a Brookwood dollhouse from ebay before they were brought back.

    Good luck!

  3. D'oh! Why didn't I check here first!?!? Someone sent me photos of this house and we were trying to identify it.

    Ha ha, lesson learned.


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