Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bodo Hennig Modern Furniture

I recently purchased several of these Bodo Hennig/NicToys modern miniatures. I love them! The quality is excellent. I typically buy 2-3 of everything just in case there's a mishap--but eventually end up shedding the extras on ebay to keep my collection from outgrowing my home...and office.

I've gotten better over the years, being more selective about what modern miniatures I'll purchase. This is a great hobby, but it has significant potential to get out of hand. I'm lucky that my "insanity" is focused on modern dollhouses and miniatures--items are few and far between. If I was a Victorian or other older period collector of miniatures, I'd be drowning. Nothing against other period collectors---it just ain't me. I dig on modern design. On the flip side, since modern miniatures are hard to come by--especially of quality, it's a situation where when I see it, I get it.

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