Friday, February 8, 2013

Miniature Replicas = That's My JAM!

The kind folks at Jeffrey Alan Marks (JAM, Inc.) say they are currently producing all custom furniture for the Kaleidoscope Ball Designer Dollhouse Showcase. And nearly all of the custom pieces will be miniature replicas of their furniture line with Palecek. Just look at the possibilities...
Dear Jeffrey, I hope you make extras. Much love, your friends in the modern miniatures community.

Images: Palecek


  1. I'm really excited to see what furniture they design. We can only hope that they catch the bug and decide to bring out a line of mini's for sale. Wishful thinking...?

  2. COOL BEANS. Since I will be in LA in late March, I emailed them to see if they might offer a preview of what they are designing, or (gasp) even connect me with some of the designers to see these mini masterpieces!

  3. In my dreams there will be lots of houses and miniature replicas like the Madison Avenue (Doll) House that was in the Calvin Klein store by architect Joshua Prince-Ramus and his firm REX Architects. You remember the replica Calvin Klein’s apparel, accessories and home lines, so dreamy.

    Oh I wish I could have seen that house in person. I wonder whatever happened to it?

    1. I also wonder what happened to that house. I expect it is in someone's collection...or maybe in storage. I, too, am very anxious to see the final designs.

    2. Oh and I REALLY hope JAM Inc. makes some extras that we could buy. Their furniture is amazing and I'd love some mini versions. :D