Thursday, May 26, 2011

Logo Fails And A Pizza My Mind

This pizza establishment probably gets more customers looking to use the restroom than order a pizza. If you have no idea what I am talking about then take a good look at the logo. My Mr. and I had a good laugh over this design--which I'll admit was my poor idea. It seemed all good until I realized the "letter A" in the word Pizza tends to get lost. Outlining the pizza slice probably would have solved the problem, but I decided to leave it like this for my own amusement. I don't take myself too seriously, man.

What I do take seriously is the kinship we have in the community of modern miniature enthusiasts. Over the years, we have grown into a very supportive group of hobbyists who share ideas and resources. I've met so many great people who share this interest. It's a very collaborative community that encourages and inspires.

Unfortunately--and for quite some time, I've been receiving some mean-spirited emails and commentary from a few folks who want to horribly bash my fellow modern dollhouse bloggers or accuse them of stealing ideas or this or that from my blog. I thought these kinds of communications were at the worst when the NY Times article ran last year. And I thought these communications would end with the passing of the NY Times article. Sadly, these kinds of notes are still being sent my way and one was recently sent to a blogger friend. I wanted to make it known that I will not entertain nor respond to communications that take malicious aim at my fellow bloggers, collectors and enthusiasts. Frankly, I don't find it flattering to be complimented by someone who simultaneously insults other people enjoying this hobby. It's amazing the kind of craziness that people will try to bring to the table--no matter what the subject matter. So, in short:

Spiteful few = Stop your insanity.
Modern miniature blogger hommies = Ignore the spiteful few, continue to do your thing and keep pushing this modern hobby into the spotlight.

Hmm...In retrospect, this tangent might have painted modern miniature collectors in cult colors...Well, I promise we aren't shoveling out random dates that predict the end of the world. However, we might be predicting the end of a market inundated with Victorian and Tudor dollhouses...

And scene.

The Goods: Counters are by
Accoutrements and brinca dada; sink is Lundby; shelving units are ebay finds; cooler is Delph Miniatures; pizza oven is brinca dada (nightstand); railings are Flick Trix; tables are MGA Entertainment; tulip chairs are REAC; all accessories are AG Minis, Mattel, Lundby, Mighty World, Re-ment, Megahouse, Kate Aspen, and random but common hobby store finds.


  1. Hear hear! Life is waaay too short and precious to let some few boobears detract from one's enjoyment of a hobby. Thanks for sharing your thoughts MC.

    Love the pizza parlor scene. I'm currently in the midst of a furious "shed those last few baby pounds" diet and your post made me want to jump into my screen.

  2. I just got 2 of those same bushes from a party supply store. Haven't figured out what to do with them yet.

  3. There is nothing good that someone won't go out of their way to ruin. Stand strong, enthusiasts, and ignore the spiteful; they will get bored and move on.

  4. Wow sounds like the making of a detective novel."The Revenge of the Really Small Mini Mind".
    I have always found the blog world so helpful and kind, expecially to newbies.
    Makes me want to know more gossip!


  5. Hi Altera,
    You are quite missed. Hmm...Am I allowed to still have my baby pounds after several years?? Ugh...Chuckles!

  6. Hey Brandy Rose,
    I have used them twice but in the exact same way = on top of that counter. I do need to get more creative. I meant to tell you that the snap curlers you used as a fireplace grate was genius! Also glad you didn't choose the pink ones...ha!

  7. First of all, just got to say how much I love the pizz(a) stop shop ;0) Another fabulous creation *high five*

    Second..and I'm not farmiliar with the back story, but I think some people will congratulate you whilst insulting someone else to ingratiate themselves into your favour. Why? *shrugs* I don't know. But I'm glad to say that since starting a Blog I've had the most wonderful comments and help from other miniaturists ~ traditional and modern.

    Long may your Blog continue to inspire, provoke and amaze the miniature world =0)

  8. Sorry to hear about your unwanted emails. One of the things I love about the miniature hobby in general and the modern miniaturist community specifically is that feeling of support and inspiration.

    I know I live my online life in a spirit of Creative Commons (take my idea, make it better, please don't make money from it but show us what you did) and often wonder if part of the feeling of kinship comes from being a group of (mainly: sorry Paris!) females and therefore missing the more competitve genes that can be found in some corners of the online world?

    Hope this makes sense (it was all a bit stream of conscious!)

    Total change of subject: where did you find those workshop shelves? I've been hunting for my own since I saw them in your UK scene...

  9. Thanks Pepper,
    I think you are right about why people act in such a manner. They are definitely NOT winning my favor for sure. Dear friend, I'm so glad you finally have a blog to further inspire and amaze all of us. You are so damn crafty--and cool to boot!

  10. Totally makes sense, TSS
    I'm with ya. I really just enjoy creating and sharing and learning and just everything this "little" hobby offers. For me, and most everyone else, it's all about cultivation and not greed. A handful are trying to rain on our parade, man! We won't let them.

    Let's see...workshop shelves. The one in the UK scene came from Room By Room garage set by Toy island. The ones in this scene are from ebay seller: restless61a
    They ship worldwide...Smiles

  11. My Realitty,
    You always crack me up--and yes, definitely dealing with small minds occasionally. Hopefully no more...

  12. Love, love, love the Pizza shop. I work in 1:6 scale (Playscale) so I am not aware of the craziness in this community. Sounds interesting.

  13. Hi MC, Thank you! I quite miss the miniworld. The new news is that we're closing on a true 1:1 scale H.O.U.S.E this coming Wednesday! My year long project is coming to a close! After that, we have to do some renovations, some decorating (alas the house style lends itself more to transitional than purely modern), major unpacking, and then there will be room for the dollhouses! I can't wait . . .

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  14. Hey Vanessa,
    Overall, it's only a few who have popped up trying to create drama. My comments are my attempt to nip "the crazy" before it grows to a size that blemishes our good time. No worries--birds are still singing, friend. How's that song go? "Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride. Nobody's gonna slow me down, oh-no. I got to keep on movin'" Chuckles!
    BTW, I do look at your blog from time to time = cool stuff!

  15. And I who thought all mini modernists were so nice! That the world would be a better place if the mini modernists could rule (and much more spacious) but perhaps not after all...
    Like Altera I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!

    Nice pizza place, the use of the nightstand as a pizza oven is brilliant! I didn't think the tulip chairs (I have one myself) would work in a 1:16 setting, but they do here. Brilliant headline too, both the headline and the pizz(a)stop sign made me chuckle :-)

  16. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about these e-mails - I had no idea... It's such a lovely community and I agree that it's about inspiring each other and enjoy each others creations!

  17. Hey Pubdoll,
    I think mini modernists are nice. Like Altera mentioned, it's just some "Boobears", man. Sadly, Boobears run amuck in every community. Chuckles!

    And I'm glad you dig the pizza place signage. I don't know what I was thinking. It seemed so clever at first and then...oh not so clever.

  18. Thanks Annina,
    Yeah, those emails put a damper on my day. Actually, I should now say "used to put a damper on my day" because I am at a place where I refuse to let anything ruin the fun we are having. And, oh there is so much more fun to be had, man!

  19. As you know, I've been the recipient of these types of emails, and it is true that they do not feel good and even incite the anger. I just don't get it. Thanks for speaking out, and thanks for always lending an ear to me. :) P.S. LOVE the PIZZ sign! Humor totally up my alley!!! ;)

  20. Hey ya, Call Small
    I'm short so it wasn't too hard to climb down from the soapbox after speaking out. Smiles. I'm glad you dig my horrible signage. And, of course, I will always lend you an ear, friend.

  21. This is amazing! Forget about those people. No need to waste your time!