Monday, April 11, 2011

Scrapping Ideas While Wearing Embossy Pants

The images above are all experimentation in the 360 dollhouse while I work out some "design block" with my Emerson House by brinca dada. I've got 3/4 of a scene completed (ha!--no pun intended) in the Emerson and it's missing something. What exactly? Huge shrug. It's bothering me though. I have a feeling that I'm going to scrap the current design idea (none of which is pictured here) and go in another direction. Ugh. Heavy sigh. During my brainstorm session (which turned up nothing but work ideas), I decided to experiment with some embossed paper frames meant for scrapbook endeavors. They actually photograph quite well and look like actual wood frames at certain angles. What do you think of the frames? At least something might be going right over here, man. I'll post pictures of the Emerson scene when I finish that design.

The Goods: Wheelchair is JUN Planning; Bed is Streets Ahead; Rustic chair is CJ's Miniatures; "Found" bathtub is Theo Klein; Sofa is Pottery Barn; Coffee Table is cologne cap with added Plexi top; all accessories are Wright Guide Miniatures, Selecta, Re-ment, Jazwares, and run-of-the-mill items from hobby and scrapbook stores.


  1. The whole scene seems a bit too conceptual for my taste- metal wheels on bed, harsh bundles as pillows- it arouses my doubts....
    I'm sure though you'll get hold of it.
    Best of luck.

  2. I'd add a pop of colour, either with the use of a large potted palm or other pot plant.

    Perhaps some artwork above the bed and over the bath? or soften the scene with a throw at the end of the bed (or on the side of the wheelchair and a towel draped over the side of the bath...


  3. Huh. Whuda thunk. I've seen those frames, but never thought they would photography that well. They really do add dimension. Very cool. Can't wait to see future uses of them.

  4. Hi Neomig,
    This is just me playing around with the paper frames. These aren't the Emerson scenes. I thought EVERYBODY liked to sleep on harsh pillows while metal gears turned under their head. No? Chuckles. You're sweet for saying that I could rescue a scene that is not to your liking. Ha! I do need your luck for the Emerson, friend. Thank you!

  5. What? What? Bossy pants???
    Not you!

    Well when I don't like what I'm doing but want to show it anyway I call it "not ready for Prime time".

    eady for some sips, CM

  6. Seems like you've caused a bit of confusion here, eh??? :) I for one CANNOT wait to see your Emerson scenes! I really want to hear what it is like working in the house. I do like these embossed frames -- they work quite well I think.

  7. Hey TSS,
    Course, I was just playing about here with the frames, but I might just rework one of these scenes in the 360 dollhouse using your suggestions...Hmm. Stay tuned...

  8. Hola Mini Dork!
    Si, es muy loco. I want some real modern frames but they are hard to find in miniature land. I tried to find some at the Good Sam show but no such luck. I'm down to paper that sad? ha ha

  9. Hi My Realitty,
    Yes, I should label and write posts more carefully but it just wouldn't be the same Mini Modern site without a pinch of insanity. And, yes, sadly, I've been known to wear the bossy pants. Sometimes they are comfy...Smiles

  10. Ha ha--Callsmall
    Yeah, this blog is a blaze of confusion--my fault though. Egad!
    I shall use the frames again...

  11. Think the frames are a great idea. Making me think that a photo from an art gallery would make for great wallpaper in a scene *ponders*

    I'm always amazed at how you incorporate items, that I would never dream of, into your scenes. Masterful!

  12. Thanks Pepper!
    You know, I just got some paper from the scrapbooking store that has this same motif. It inspired me. I do want to see what you do with the idea. I always like seeing what everybody comes up with.