Monday, March 14, 2011

Chaise Me To Work

This scene started with the stretched canvas. I knocked it over and the back of it said "I wanna be a fireplace". And then I said "Little canvas, I will grant you your wish" and then there was a crack of lightning and a roll of thunder...and...okay, so I just thought the back of the canvas could be a rustic fireplace.

The art on the wall is from an Anthropologie catalog. Typically, I would cut the feathered edge and smooth it to the wall, but I liked the rough edge this time and decided to leave it. I don't know if it seems interesting to me because it scales the space or because it looks like a giant piece of paper on the wall. Shrug.

Sadly, my office space is not as chill as this one. In fact it was looking quite wicked a few weeks ago thanks to this hobby. Anyone who blogs abo
ut their miniatures can tell you that the space that houses the miniature structures starts getting crazy very quickly if you don't keep it in check. After working over a few scenes, I try to put everything back where it belongs but sometimes I'm more focused on creating than cleaning up. I start dumping furniture into other empty structures, stacking boxes upon boxes and sweeping out whole rooms of furniture and accessories into baskets. The roofs of my houses usually look like someone is having a furniture sale. Yeah, it can get bad. So, I've now harnessed 'the shame that was' and have made some decent progress on reorganizing my miniatures thanks to a little trip to Ikea. Metal shelves and birch plywood boxes have given me some freedom from ugly Rubbermaid totes.

The Horror Before = (smiley faces mock me)

The Calm After = (the eye oppresses me)

I still have more work to do. Wish me luck, friends...

The Goods: The chairs are Peter Tucker; the chaise is PRD; the desk is made of wooden blocks and a spare piece of shipping material; the fireplace is a reverse canvas; all of the accessories are Minimodernistas, MoMa, Silver Acorn, Zuri, Wright Guide Miniatures, Re-Ment, Plan Toys, Anthropologie, and common hobby store finds.


  1. your organization looks fantastic! i've come to loathe the rubbermaid bins as well; i think it's because you can still see the stuff. good luck, and keep organizing!

  2. I subscribe to a whole bunch of design blogs and I usually look at the pictures first, when I saw that first picture, I was wondering which blog it was.. and it was yours! in mini scale! egads!

    Also, the Peter Tucker chairs are pure awesome.

    It does seem like you got your minis in order, but good luck on the rest!

  3. Hey Anastasia!
    I'm trying to get my miniature life in order. It seems like I have to do it every other year. I hope the organization sticks this time. I really need a wall of drawers and cabinets. Someday...
    Yes, the Rubbermaid bins--they have their purpose for sure but they look much better in the garage than in the house--Chuckles!

  4. Hola Ann!
    Thank you much. You are very kind. The Peter Tucker chairs are definitely some of my most coveted miniatures. Plus, I got a chance to meet him and he was so very nice--just a genuine kind soul = shows in his work.
    I hope by next weekend I can crack the final whip on this clutter issue, man! I'll need your luck. Smiles.

  5. OMG, that fireplace canvas back is BRILLIANT!!! You are so unbelievably creative, I love seeing what inspires you next. Peter Tucker chairs and PRD chaise are fabulous too. I love how you put the whole room together. Mostly, thanks for making me feel like I'm not the only one with a pig stye miniature mess. The organization looks great and will hopefully inspire me to clean up around the mini houses. :D

  6. Aww Shucks, Mini Dork--Thank you!
    Hee hee--yeah, I'm ashamed of that corner of the room. I knew it was really bad when my Mr. said "You need to do something about that." I still have more work but am chugging along. I could use a new rolling cart with drawers that is nice to look at.

  7. Really beautiful! I especially love the Antro wall art -- in one of the pictures, it looks like the wall actually recesses! Very cool! The Peter Tucker chairs are so lovely! Must get some of his work someday. Kudos on the organizing, too!

  8. Thanks Call Small!
    I'm sure you know what I'm going through with the BIG miniature mess.

  9. Omg, that looks so amazing! I can't stop looking! You really did a great job!
    And don't we all have a mess around us? *chuckle*
    Greetings, Pia

  10. Thanks Pia!
    I am so glad you like it. Yes, we do all have a mess, but I'm trying really hard to live my minimalistic dreams! Chuckles!

  11. i lovelove your blog--not only do i catch my breath everytime i log on and see another of your wonderful mini scenes but you crack me up as well!! I was laughing so hard at your stretched canvas/mini fireplace remark that my husband asked me what was so funny. I told him it was a miniature thing

  12. Thanks much! I am glad that I amuse somebody. Smiles. I think my humor is awful and corny corn corn, but I refuse to take myself so seriously.