Monday, February 21, 2011

Dream Lucid In The Sky With Diamonds

Here is another kid's room that I put together a few weeks ago. Enjoy!
And, thank goodness for three-day weekends! Chuckles.

The Goods: Bed is Bozart Toys and MoMA; nightstand is Lundby; Egg table is Re-Ment; Chairs are MoMA; rolling storage shelf is Lundby; all accessories are Selecta, Haba, Battat, Tivoli, Character Options, Playmobil, Voila Toys, AG Minis, Lundby, MunnyWorld, Fisher-Price, Re-Ment, Martha Stewart, and MoMA.


  1. Wow these pix are stunning; well done! I started a new blog today about miniatures, and would love if you could check it out, and hopefully follow/add me to your list of blogs, as I'm new to the world of minis and am eager to make some mini friends. Thanks

  2. Cool room!!
    What Reac "Designer" Chair set do like the best and which do you think would be the best for a begginer?

  3. Your blog is wonderful!!! I love 1:12

  4. OMG I love how you used the paper MoMA dollhouse in the bed and it looks so cute in the room. Super cute. The kites are so adorable. Too much fun!

  5. Hi Trish Logan!
    Thanks much! I'll definitely check out your blog.

  6. Thanks Anonymous!
    Hmm...I actually do not have a favorite Reac set. I think all of the chairs are okay for a beginner. None of them have to be made or anything. They pop out the box and you're set free on your journey, friend.

  7. Hi Magda,
    Thank you for such a nice compliment!

  8. Hey Mini Dork
    Thank you much, lady! I didn't think I would be able to use the MoMa Playhouse pieces, but after this experimentation, I want to see what other possibilities there are for the other pieces. I bet these could be used with the Dylan house that brinca dada has planned...Hmm

  9. cute ! I love all ! your blog is marvellous. Je vais revenir, ça c'est sûr !

  10. Merci beaucoup, Rialto!
    Je suis heureux que vous apprécierez l'imagerie.
    Revenez souvent, mon ami!

  11. This is the sweetest little ing I've ever seen!

  12. Great little room! Red plastic bins! Where did you find those?
    I need some bins for my garage. Running out of places to look....