Wednesday, January 5, 2011

There Was A Farmer...Had A Dog

I originally put together a scene with bird motifs, but considering the recent events in Arkansas and Louisiana, I decided it would be best to wait on that imagery...

Let's many kitchen scenes can I squeeze out of that Miele kitchen set by Theo Klein? Apparently too many. I'm in dire need (yeah, I'm using that "need" loosely) of some new pieces. For my miniature endeavors, I really need some interchangeable kitchen components that give creative freedom. I'm always dreaming of the day that I can go to the toy store and just pick up some sets from standard toy companies. It always feels like I'm waiting for more great modern miniatures. I'm so grateful for the modern artisans out there, but I'm an addict that needs more suppliers.

Speaking of pining for more modern miniature goods, I've been very interested in customizing a RGT Victoria's Farmhouse structure. I look at the bones of that kit and I see a gorgeous modern renovation. Yes, I'm talking about modern farmhouses again. I have a problem that has transferred over into the 1:1 world where I now look at available old schools, barns and farmhouse real estate prime for renovation. I can barely tackle a 1:12 renovation so I have no idea what has me thinking about a large scale one. We'll chalk it up to "crazy" and call it a day.

Okay! Do you dig on the paper dolls made by Jordan Grace Owens? I like how the one dimensional (err...two dimensional) characters look in the three dimensional space.
The look reminds me of some TV cartoon series. Some poses for the figures are not easy, but I've been experimenting with puppet strings attached to the ceiling. The figures also have me toying with the idea of some silly stop motion film shorts. Chuckles. We'll see if I can find some time to test it out.

Oh and...Happy New Year!

The Goods:
Sink and wall cupboard by Theo Klein; stainless steel cooker/oven component is ELF; dining table and stools are PRD; chairs are Reac; wooden counter unit is unknown maker; All accessories are AG Minis, Mighty World, ReMent, Missions of California, Plan Toys, and standard hobby store finds.


  1. ...and BINGO was his name-o! Very adorable! I love the figures, especially the color and two dimensional contrast. I always enjoy how you play with different types of "dolls." They really are artistic interpretations of dolls. I also like the contrast of the small stools with the long, ladder back chairs. Eye candy, dude! Happy New Year!

  2. I love the new modern dollhouse look but I am too afraid to tackle one just now

  3. Oh. The people have that austere look in vogue now. Must be the result of modern angst.

    I love your kitchen supply table, the little espresso maker and all.
    Is that a honey bear?

    If you have time will you pop over and try my design quiz on Leftcoast? Thanks C

  4. And in Sweden, too. CRAZY! Stop animation? stop animation? Stop animation? Are we there yet? I won't stop asking until the answer is Yes. I would love to see that, I hope you can find the time.

    "barns and farmhouse real estate prime for renovation" Wait, what in SF? Please don't tell me you're looking outside the Bay Area.

    If you start on your farmhouse ren-o, that will motivate me to finish my ren-o project. And I seriously need a fire lit, so pretty please?

    Love the pics as always! Owens' dolls are very cool.

  5. Work is crazy busy at the moment so it's a little late, but Happy New Year MC!
    As always I love your white and neutral wood scenes and the dolls look really cool and chilled in there!
    Even they don't look the same at all, they made me think of South Park, which my kids absolutely love and have watched every day in the school holiday.
    Love all the wood furniture, both by the unknown maker and Paris, and the details like the telephone on the wall and the little bear sodabottle. We have such bear sodabottles here as well, in lifesize.

  6. Thanks Callsmall for correcting my "one dimensional" error. Ha! And thanks for enjoying my madness. Happy New Year to you too!

  7. Oh Marisa---never be afraid! It's not like it would become an addiction or anything...Smiles

  8. Thanks My Realitty,
    It is a honeybear. I took your design quiz. I won't lie, I had to look up Arshile Gorky and then felt lame when I recognized the artwork. Chuckles. I'm horrible with names and knowing my art history.

  9. Ha ha--Hi Mini Dork and thanks!
    I hope I can find the time for the stop animation too. Right now, I have no story to tell so I imagine the movies would be completely nonsensical...not unlike my blog, I guess...
    Yeah, totally looking outside the Bay Area in the Midwest and East Coast.
    I have a bad feeling that I will buy that RGT farmhouse. I do hate building, man. I just want to play with the structure. I seriously need to find a Bay Area builder who is quality and shares my modern aesthetic. The search begins...

  10. Hey Pubdoll!
    Happy New Year, friend. I'm glad you like the scene. You know, the bear is a 1/6 scale honey bottle. I have never heard of the bear soda bottles that you speak of, so now I have to go Google it. I like interesting and unusual stuff like that.

  11. Hi again :-) I thought it was easier for me to google it in Norwegian,
    and here they are :-)

  12. Oh! These crack me up. I wonder if they sell them here in the States somewhere.

  13. Hi,

    I was looking at your site after I found it on google and to my surprise I found a link to my own site! lol
    Thank you for mentioning me.

    Your scenes are great and really like your sense of style!

    groetjes Evelien

  14. Thank you, Evelien!
    Yeah, your handcrafted Lillberg! Ha ha! It is great. Hopefully you'll be selling some in the future...

  15. I love your kitchen! All the people before used all the english words I know to discribe how I like it - so I can only agree.
    I can also agree to the fact that I would like to go minishopping like pants or organges or paper or something usual in daily life.
    But I think, if we had these chance, our hobby wouldn't be so interesting.
    I'm so glad you go on. Best wishes!

  16. Hey Oese!
    How very lovely to hear from you. Aww, you make me blush. You know so many words in English. I'm ashamed at how little German words I know.
    And I guess the struggle to obtain modern goods is a part of the "beauty" of our shared hobby. Ha!

  17. Hi Kathi,
    Thank you much! I've been watching you and your "weathering" project. I'm sure you know that interest stems from that whole farmhouse modern infatuation I have. Chuckles. Best to you!

  18. Oh, I love the paper dolls! And the honey bear shot . . . be still my heart. If my little Boogie wouldn't instantly pop that into her two-toof mouth, it would be mine in an instant. I'm still plotting for a first dollhouse as we speak.

  19. *GASP* Altera!
    Dude, we miss you! So glad to know you are still out there watching. Ahh motherhood...ain't it grand? Smiles.

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  21. Thanks Marisa,
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