Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sugar & Spice Sleep On Salt and Flour Pillows

I had forgotten that the 360 dollhouse had distressed walls. The house is constructed in such a way that it's actually quite easy to replace all the structural and sliding walls...but I never got around to replacing them. I think this is one of those rare times where procrastination played in my favor since I'm now experiencing a "torrid love" for weathered, found object and industrial look items. The 360 house serves as a nice backdrop to my experiments with the modern and imperfect. We'll see where it leads...

The scene above is
supposed to be a girls' bedroom at a vacation house. The figures below were made by Mary Colleen Eld of Silver Acorn. I'm sometimes asked why I put figures in the scenes. It's mainly because I find it humorous. Also, it keeps the tilt-shift photography and 1:1 inquiries at a minimum.

The Goods: Beds are Plan Toys, storage units are Selecta, side table is Wright Guide Miniatures, all accessories are Crate & Barrel, AG Minis, Missions of California, Ann Anderson Miniatures Re-Ment, Playmobil, Mighty World and standard hobby and craft store finds. Figures are Silver Acorn.


  1. Even with the toned down earthy colours it's such a fun room! Love all the details like the photos on the message board.
    And the aeroplane-playing Acorn doll and her doll with pilot glasses as well are awesome, you're absolutely right, dolls are much more fun :-)

  2. Love the over-sized headboards and the message board. Great linens too.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. Great to see the 360 House back in action!