Friday, September 24, 2010

DWR Exhibit: Villa Sibi Scene

This is the Villa Sibi scene that was on display.

The Goods: Backless Sofa is Sirch; round table is Lundby; the fireplace is Plan Toys; chaise is Reac; oversize vases are Spin; Art is David Choe; dining chairs are Reac; dining table and shelving unit are PRD; dining bench is Momoll. All accessories are Zuri, Plan Toys, ReMent; PRD, Silver Acorn, Mighty World and a few standard hobby store finds, jewelry pieces and potpourri leftovers.


  1. Thank you, thank you for the detailed photos!! I meant to ask what you used to make the stairs up to the house? They looked really cool.
    Jeez, when you said you sometimes find time in the morning for minis, I wasn't thinking 5am. Get some sleep already! I'll make you some coffee.

  2. A wonderful scene as usual. I love that you use so many different sources, and it matches so well. Thanks for sharing, after seeing different photos on other blogs I hoped you would make fotos of your own.....
    Greetings from German

  3. It's serenity matches the Villa Sibi so well. C

  4. Hey Mini Dork,
    Actually, your husband took better photos of the tea house. I only have pictures of the room unfinished. Shrug. Ha ha! The steps to the Villa Sibi were from Mighty World--the farmer market set or something like that. No rest for the weary...

  5. Thanks Oese,
    For so many years, I never really had much choice for modern miniatures other than whatever I could find--so I guess that is still carrying over even though now I can buy pieces from a few artisans.Old habits die hard, ey? BTW, always amazed at what you create.

  6. Thanks My Realitty,
    However, I wish I had used another scene instead. Ha!