Saturday, September 25, 2010

DWR Exhibit: Tea House & Rooftop

These are the Tea House and rooftop scenes that were displayed. I only took pictures of the unfinished versions. And I still think I'm a bit crazy for putting real tea in the bins.

The Tea House Goods: Shelving units are DHE; large acrylic table is an ebay find; small tables are walnut shell sponges and Hape tops; counter is Momoll and Bodo Hennig; stools are unfinished wooden barrels; benches are Momoll; side counter is Voila Toys; all accessories are Plan Toys, ReMent, MegaHouse, MGAE; Playmobile, Bozart Toys, Mighty World, Bodo Hennig, and random finds.

The Rooftop Goods: Moss wall is a bamboo knife block; acrylic chairs are an ebay find; all accessories are Mighty World, Plan Toys, Selecta, AG Minis and...(wait for it)...random finds.


  1. LOve that tea house! The tea in the bins makes it look like a real tea house. Also love the all the perfect little details. You even have a miniature lucky cat! wow

  2. This is probably my favorite scene... its so tranquil.... and I love tea =)

  3. the tea house is stunning! so much fun to look and look and look.
    I think the playmobil-cashregister is in my hairsalons too....
    thanks again for sharing!

  4. The tea house is adorable! I absolutely love it :)

  5. Ah random finds. You indeed have the greatest collection of random finds.

  6. Thank you all very much.
    I really need more random finds so I'll be lurking around ebay, etc. Chuckles.

  7. Hi Jaie,
    Are you talking about the rooftop ones? if so, I'm not certain. They were ebay finds.

  8. Hmm. Guess I'm back to trying to make them.

  9. Hey Jaie,
    Perhaps you can order from:

    Shrug. maybe?