Monday, June 7, 2010


Hi. How ya'll been? Chuckles.
Am I back? Kinda. Kinda not. Because of the nice letters I've received over the past couple of months, I've decided to try and post here and there while still dedicating most of my time to another project. No promises. We'll see how this goes...Insert weary smile here.

Let's see...what's been going on? Oh! Lots of cool stuff in modern dollhouse land. Nice to see the hobby, enthusiasts and artisans highlighted in the media. Good to see more blogs out there about the obsession. Since putting this blog on 'pause', I've had the opportunity to meet some cool people from the hobby realm. Most encounters were by chance and others were planned. My most recent and favorite meet and greet was with Call Small. She is cool people and down-to-earth fabulous. If she lived on this coast, I think we'd hang out. And I know when I say that, you get visions of she and I locked arm in arm, skipping as we go dollhouse hunting or the two of us sitting side by side with laptops as we try to outbid each other for modern miniatures on ebay = all in good fun with smiles and lemonades! However, by "hang out", I mean getting liquored up, dancing on tables and sending our husbands' phone calls to voicemail while we stay out to the early AM at the club. Well...if she and I were that kind of guess she and I would...probably be doing that skipping thing... Damn.

Anyway, it's been wonderful and a bit daunting to meet people from the blogdom. Even though I prefer to stay behind the scenes, I still hope for that massive meeting of the modern dollhouse community. Someday.

Enough with the yammerin' or should I say "put a cork in it!"

What's this C.O.R.K thing? It's supposed to be an urban wine and tapas spot where big name artists can get that intimate crowd experience. It's a small music venue where well-known musicians can take risks and try out new material.

The Goods:
Bar is PRD; Back bar is DHE; Cork stools and crates are from local hobby store; Natural wood stools are PRD; DJ table is PRD; Guitar, amp, microphone and musician's stool are McFarlane Toys; All accessories are Plan Toys, MegaHouse, Mighty World, DHE, Playmobil, Battat, ReMent, Reutter Porcelain and Zuri.


  1. Nice to have you back... well, at least for one post! I wish there were more modern miniaturists over here or I could come to the US to 'hang out' with you all...

  2. Thanks Annina,
    We definitely need to make this "meeting thing" happen, ey? I wish I had more time!

  3. I love C.O.R.K! Since Karl Edo's party is finally over, I think all my people would like to come over for a drink or 10 (You sure have a lot of booze :-)) hang out with the True Blood dolls and listen to some of that great music. Perhaps Helmer could bring his guitar?

  4. So nice to see new pictures and to read from you.
    even though there are some more mini-modern-bloggers I missed you. Everybody has a special image and I like yours!
    Oh, all theses bottles! Overwhelming!

  5. Ha! You crack me up, Pubdoll. Everybody is welcome to come over. Chuckles.

  6. Hi Oese,
    How sweet! Thanks. I am so glad that there are more modern dollhouse bloggers. It's a nice community of news and info. Hope it continues to grow and grow. I've been watching you through your blog window and always like what I see there.

  7. I LOVE this, and I LOVED meeting you in person -- you are a lovely gal! And, I could totally see us skipping happy to a dollhouse store or drunk to another party! :) That all fits together, right?! This scene is awesome. Have you been busy away all this time placing each and every one of those bottles perfectly on the shelves?! ;) My goodness, that's impressive! Not only does C.O.R.K. look like my local wine shop, but that lady looks like my dearly missed grandma! And she would be hoofin' it up just like that! So...does CORK stand for something in particular?

  8. Hola Call Small!
    Somehow, yes, alcohol and dollhouses do go together. Chuckles. I placed one bottle a day on the shelves...kidding. It actually didn't take too long to fill the bar, but I was listening to music at the time and chattering with my mini-me who was trying to negotiate for one of the "bottles of soda". C.O.R.K doesn't stand for anything...I'm not that creative, man!

  9. hi there
    great place!
    great to see your post. I look at your blog everyday in the hope you'll be back or post some msg.
    a meeting is a great idea!

  10. I LOVE the band. Your DJ booth rocks. I have the Lil Bratz DJ booth and it is, well, a little Rainbow Brite. SOOOOO Glad to see your new posts. Fabulous as always! I have a big event that overlaps when Paris is in town, but I hope to squeeze in both. I'll email you when I'm going and maybe we can meet IRL there.
    Mini Smiles,

  11. Fo' shizzle, Megan...Fo' Shizzle.
    Yes, I know nobody says that anymore but it makes me laugh. Seriously, hope you can come out to the shindig "when Paris is in town". It would be nice to meet, man!

  12. Ok,Ok Dude, I'm good for 2 rounds! And really I'm not that old lady at the kareoke. Looking forward to Sept. CM

  13. It is good to have you posting again, even if not on a daily basis. I check your site regularly for new posts. You and a few others have been such an inspiration for modern miniatures that I am getting rid of my earlier purchases, the less ornate but formal Bespaq.

  14. Yaaay! Welcome back! Love the pictures -- seeing grandma belting out the tunes almost made me choke on my lunch! Think Washington DC needs a happening place like C.O.R.K!

  15. Great post. We actually have a Cork here in DC....with wine and tapas (everything but the live music). They just opened a wine kitchen down the street. It's basically a wine shop--a place to go to buy your bottles and taste new stuff.

    Love the idea of a meetup...especially with workshops like a photography topic hosted by you...a DIY furniture topic by Oese...vintage dollhouse restoration by CallSmall..and small creations in Lego topic hosted by Pubdoll. I can see it now (smile).

    Take good care.

  16. Hey studioseven!
    Thanks much, but my photography sucks royal...Chuckles. You're too kind! Smiles.

  17. I'm there. Just let me know where and when we are going to meet. Melissa

  18. Love it, love it, love it. I felt drawn to check the site even though I hadn't in months. I can't explain the joy I felt when I saw the new post!!! Thank You so much.

  19. This Cork scene is beyond cool. What an imagination you have. Do you stick the bottles in place so they don't fall? My stuff is alway falling over? Are there any miniature shows/sales on the west coast? Love your Blog

  20. Hey Barb,
    Thanks much! I'm glutton for punishment = I do not stick the bottles in place. I play "operation" to place each bottle. When my hand bumps the shelving unit and everything comes crashing down, I chuckle and mutter to myself before starting over. Miniature shows? Yes, there is one in San Jose in October called Good Sam Showcase Of Miniatures---and Tom Bishop shows in Southern CA (Anaheim area/Orange County)in August and Northern CA (San Francisco area/San Mateo County)in July. I'm sure there are more but these are top of mind. Anybody else have west coast show suggestions for Barb?

  21. These photos rock!!!! Luv the scene. Glad to see you're back posting!!