Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I like bedroom spaces to look serene and like a safe place to escape from the hectic and stressful demands of life. For this miniature scene, I used the bed and linens that were made for the Green Dollhouse. I was pretty happy with how the nightstands (AG Minis) photographed. My intention was for them to give the impression that they were lightbox tables. The light is from the sun shining through the Kaleidoscope House and shimmering through the cube. It was a nice surprise. What wasn't a nice surprise? Discovering that some of the white plastic on my Kaleidoscope House is starting to yellow. Damn. Sunlight is friend and foe.

I put together the second Green Dollhouse last night so hopefully I can find a suitable way to join the two together to make one large residence for my Silver Acorn family.

Let's see...rambling, rambling...Oh! I recently had a bizarre incident at one of the dollhouse and hobby stores that I visit every few months. In general, I keep a low profile in life (big surprise there!) and so I pop in and meekly ask if they have any modern dollhouse items. Typically, whenever I ask this question, the people at the store look at me as if I am a weirdo from planet dumb ass and then as they show me two to three pieces from 1980, they inform me that the hobby is mostly geared toward Victorian or other early period pieces. My response is typical and trademark "me" = smile and nod. However, on this trip when I asked the question, the sales associate turned to another and repeated my inquiry. To my surprise and utter disappointment, the other sales associate said "we don't have anything other than that sectional sofa, but there is a site online called mini modern or something like that where you can probably find some modern dollhouse pieces."


  1. As usual, your use of multiple sources of toys and minis makes a greast scene. The photography is excellant.

    In an unrelated note: have you seen Plan Toys wooden house, the Chalet? If you have, sorry. Couldn't figure out how to search your blog. For a picture


  2. Hahahah!
    What fun!
    Did you let them know that they were in the presence of celebrity?

  3. I...could...just...lay...down. Such a nice setup. Made me want to tumble into bed. Btw, I was praying that you wouldn't add those amazing Modella pieces to your eBay links -- I thought no one would see them and I could steal them for $9.99 to fit in my new (very pared down) monthly dollhouse budget!!! :) Anyways, love the eBay links regardless.

  4. Hi Alissa,
    Thanks much! I would say the photography is so so. It's totally the camera doing the work--hee hee! I have seen the Chalet and it is a nice structure. I do not own it though.

  5. Okay, Uyek--ha ha!
    Egad--I'm nobody's celebrity. I'm just a nerd with a boring hobby. And, "no", I never did identify myself or claim the site. I just backed out slowly. ha!

  6. Thanks callsmall,
    Sorry that I exposed the Modella pieces. I am going to remove that feature.

  7. I love the story in the store! I learned "low profile" and "meekly" and it's interesting to combine this with Modern MC! Thanks for showing not only your wonderful bedroom, but also a little part of your character ;-)
    Very nice indeed the nightstands.


  8. I love the room, both the room itself, the floor looks fabulous and the scene! It's so tranquil and- as you say - serene. Love the nightstands too! Great idea!
    And loved the story!Now your fame has spread to the victorian era!

  9. Ha ha--my "fame" is going back in time. Yeah, I'm totally going to be Forbes Most Powerful Celebrity next year. Chuckle.

  10. Oh no!!! I see you removed the eBay feature! I feel horrible! I know I love the resource and others do too. I should have kept my trap shut. Please reconsider and don't listen to a boob like me.

  11. Okay. You are not a boob! and I just laughed so much at that. No worries, I had been thinking about removing it for some time. It was time for it to go. All is good, call small!!

  12. Must...not...drool so much over...awesome setting...

    The photos look fantastic! Have to side with callsmall -- the room looks so inviting. At first glance, was honestly expecting the next photo to be of someone coming into the room or something...

    Love the shop story by the way! See, your reputation is spreading far and wide!! XD

    (oh yes, thank you so much for adding me in your resource links. need to update the posts soon!)

  13. Thanks Chibipulse!
    Yes, I try to keep as many modern miniaturists on the resource links as I can. There's only a handful of us out there it seems.

  14. "I just backed out slowly"

    I love imagining this!

    P.S. - So glad your move is over and you're posting again.

  15. That is true. But, it looks like the group is growing. Which is always a good thing right?

    Still cracking up at the miniature shop story by the way. I've asked that same question once at the shop I frequent, but they just shake their heads and tell me they only sell period stuff. That's great and all, but c'mon, don't they realize we're fans and have needs too? :)

    [still drooling and sighing at the photos. and figuring out if one can recreate the pieces with limited power tools...]

  16. Modern MC,
    I immediately thought of those light box tables when I saw the photo (even before reading the text). I LOVE the irony of your encounter in the toy store! You can no longer claim that only 8 people read your blog (he he he)...first the spot in Modernism magazine and now local recognition too. Imagine the surprise when the girl at the store visits your blog again and reads this post that includes her. Too funny.

  17. I think it was an off chance encounter, etc. She makes reader #9. Ha ha! You know, I didn't even think about her reading this later. I'm brilliant--and smart too! Chuckles. To be honest, I am under the impression that this blog is not her thing and she is not a regular visitor of the whole modern miniaturists (circus) ring we have going here.

  18. Modern MC....I just found your blog site and I love it! I am getting interested in modern dollhouses and you and this site are an inspiration! Your interior decorating is fantastic! Are there any dollhouse magazines that give any attention to modern dollhousing?

  19. Hi Cmariec123!
    Thank you much. I appreciate your kind and generous compliments. I know I will sound odd but I don't read any of the dollhouse magazines. I'm sure the mainstream ones show modern homes from time to time. Anyone out there who can help with this inquiry?

  20. same here!thanks

  21. A few of the existing magazines did have articles on "contemporary" styles. One was the Dollhouse Miniatures magazine -- the site shows an issue with the cover talking about contemporary styles. Don't usually pick up these magazines unless it has something of interest (like clothing patterns for dolls for example).

    Another one is Dollhouse World. If you go the link, the free iMag link has an article on how to create a 'modern' dining set. Not exactly like say the Bozart dining sets, but it's a good start if you're into the DIY stuff...

    There's also the Miniature Collector magazine. Recalled seeing last month's issue on someone making modern miniature settings. Sadly, didn't pick up the copy to verify. :(

    Besides, the problem is really differentiating what is considered "contemporary" and "modern". Most shops carry what manufacturers consider as "modern" -- but they really look like something that's from the late 70s to 80s...

    Hopefully in time, companies will start seeing blogs like Modern MC here, and realize that hey, there's a fan base for modern stuff.

    Hope this helps Cmariec123. It's not much, but again, hopefully it'll point you to the right direction and stuff...

  22. Thank you both for your responses. I agree, it's time the miniatures manufacturers realize there are modern collectors too.