Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse by HaPe

I wish I could get some of the furniture pieces that come with this dollhouse. I'm quite fond of the little rocking horse toy in the kids' room. Normally, I would buy the item, take out the pieces I wanted to keep and then give the house away, but at a retail of $499.95 (+$50 for the greenhouse addition)---eh, I'm not sure I want to do that. Granted, the bamboo house is cute and it has some great acrylic sliding panels and the price may be due to it being wired for solar power that runs some LED lights, etc. Hmm...maybe there's a way to only get the furniture. I should probably make time to hunt around...

AND---yes, sorry, I am still moving. I have a ton of stuff to unpack and uncrate.

Update 3:15 PM
Heard back from HaPe--and they said that the furniture might be offered for sale in 2010...

Images: Modern Lola


  1. so nice to hear from you. we are all waiting for your return like childrens on christmas evening ;-)
    good luck!

  2. you're back! well - sort of... hope everything is going well with the move!

  3. Great furniture indeed, but way over my budget! Great to hear from you, too! Hope the move goes as planned! (if planned?)

  4. I especially like the bunk beds with the curved ends. Welcome (sort of) back!

  5. I agree with Oese - we have missed you. How you found the time to search ebay, update the listings, and pack/unpack is a wonder but I appreciate it. Hope the move is going as you planned.

  6. Lovely! I really like the acrylic panels and the use of colour.
    Good luck with the unpacking and uncrating - and, I guess, setting up real-life furniture and belongings in real-life rooms!

  7. Thanks everybody!

    Rebecca is right--I am putting my own home together first.

  8. Welcome back!

    Cute house, but spendy! I'm sure the solar array bumped the price up a bit, but not that much.

  9. Yipee! You are sort of, kind of, maybe a little bit back. Sorry if I sound really immature...

    I'm almost done with my mid century modern. I will attempt to e-mail you some pics of the interior and when the roof is on, I will send pics of the exterior. Hope you are not too overwhelmed with your move. Been there, done that! Melissa

  10. I have one room complete in the new place and that's the kitchen. I wish I could turn into a giant, take the roof off the structure and arrange the furniture, etc---I could probably get it done in 30 minutes as opposed to days and days. Ha ha