Friday, May 22, 2009

Argington Miniatures: Oh So Gorgeous

The Good News: Argington has created a beautiful set of miniatures that showcases their designs from The Wonders Collection. This limited edition set comes packed in a gorgeous bamboo case and is in 1:10 scale (think Bodo Hennig), which means that they will most likely work well in a 1:12 structure or miniature scene.

The Bad News: The company informed me that this set of drool-worthy miniatures are not for sale.

Update 5/28/09
The NEW News:
Whoa!! How quickly things change! Altera contacted the company and discovered that they have decided to sell
the last few available sets to interested parties for $650 plus s/h. Contact: to order.

Images: Argington


  1. {no comments here, just soft weeping}

    ...and here I was ready to sell a kidney or whatever internal organs I had available for this set. Would offer my soul, but I think someone already had dibs with that (can't remember if it's my family or the mortgage company)...

    Still, how disappointing! Thanks for checking with Argington on the low down with this set!

  2. Wow...truly stunning. Any recourse on this? Perhaps the makers might be persuaded by demand from people like us? Not at $1000, tho. :)

  3. I just LOVE your site! Everything is so pretty and professional! I have a budding dollhouse collection- including a Caroline's Home dollhouse and a Fisher Price dollhouse from the 70s. I just love modern styled minis-it's so nice to see them displayed!

  4. That's disappointing news. Although, I suppose this way I won't be tempted to sell off my belongings to buy the set . . .

  5. I guess it does save money--ha ha!

  6. Mysticalpenguin,
    Thanks much! I really appreciate your kind words.

  7. Why did they bother?
    What teases!

  8. It was great news, but still painful since it's still more than I can justify right now. (and $650versus $1000 just made it seem *almost* within reach *sob*)

    At the very least, I hope someone we know will snag a set and blog about it!