Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Insert Clever "Green" Post Title Here

I took my oldest to an independent toy store today. The trip was supposed to be all about them but I ended up stumbling upon the Plan Toys Green Dollhouse--which I thought wasn't available yet. When I saw it, I wanted to immediately interrogate the sales staff with "Where did you get this?! Where did you get this?!", but I kept my crazy locked in the box and just quietly put the items in my cart. After my little one saw me load up the boxes, they asked "Can I still get some ting?". I'm not real sure how I felt about that question. Worry not, they also left the store with their own packages.

I really really want to put the Green Dollhouse together but it's going
to have to wait until I move. Argh! Anyway, I cracked open the box of furniture and admired a few pieces. I like the composite wood and am particularly fond of the living room sofa and chair, the platform beds and the dining chairs. I think the shower/sink unit and the kitchen unit will look much nicer if I switch out the plumbing fixtures with realistic looking ones. How am I going to do that? Not sure as of yet. I'm also glad to find the nice cream and lime organic cotton linens in this set. I can get several uses out of these. I can't wait to explore the space of that dollhouse...


  1. Where did you get this? Where did you get this??


    I'm loving that closet and the teeny lamp.

  2. Hee hee!
    I know you're referencing my silliness, but I got it from Cheeky Monkey Toys. All the pieces are great except for the toilet and the TV set.

  3. The house looks great, I'm looking
    forward to see what you get out of it!

    Hope you don't sell/give away to much of your furniture in the moving process. There are few that make better use of it.

  4. Those chairs look like the sides are made from cork? They're really neat!

  5. the green dollhouse looks good!! (dust collector with open rooms etc)

    oh and i love the new "interesting items on ebay" section! what a great addition and value to your blog!

  6. No worries, Pubdoll, and thanks!
    I'm only selling duplicate houses--except for the Highland--that was my last one but i think the buyer is gonna make better use of it than I did storing it in my garage for years and years and...I need to sell some furniture to make room for more items. I'm trying not to let my hobby take over my life...I think I am anyway.

  7. Hi Katie,
    That's also what I like about several pieces of the furniture--the composite wood/grass detail.

  8. True, it is a dust collector, Drey. Ha ha! As I was packing some items yesterday, I noticed a coating of dust over the Kaleidoscope House. I keep cans of tetrafluoroethane and a miniature vacuum to keep the structures tidy but I've been slacking for some time. I wonder if I should get a custom acrylic case for the Green dollhouse. Hmm...

  9. On hold at my local toy store as we speak...I needed a week to decide. They are selling the house with the furniture for
    $199. I don't think they sell the furniture separately -- did your store?

  10. Hey Callsmall,

    The store I purchased it from didn't have the furnished house. They only had the unfurnished version with several sets of the furniture sold separate. $199 for the furnished house sounds reasonable as I was quoted $240 by the Plan Toys company and several merchants.