Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Miniature Goodness All The Way From Paris

There are more PRD modern miniatures up for auction on ebay...

UPDATE 4/1/09
Paris is offering multi order discounts of up to 20% if you are interested in ordering multiple items or custom orders directly through him. Expect to see a 'purchase now' set up soon on the PRD Miniatures website.

Images: Paris Renfroe


  1. Looks great... I splurged last time and bought the tigerwood desk and a grey low coffee table, it was so hard not to buy the chaise lounge!

  2. Shhhh!! I'm on a cowhide kick and WANT that chaise! :)

  3. For all of MC's faithful readers, if you order something directly through me(as opposed to waiting until it shows up on Ebay), and are interested in multiple items, even custom orders, I'm offering multi order discounts of up to 20%. Billing will still be done through PayPal. I will be getting my 'purchase now' set up soon on my website.

  4. incredible news about the quantity discounts!