Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Teapots & Wood Blocks

More children's wooden blocks...No worries, I'll be returning them tomorrow. This scene started with the fireplace from the previous post and then sort of evolved from there. It took 30 minutes to put this together and most of that time was spent digging for the right wood blocks and searching for my favorite teapot.

Everything in this scene has been displ
ayed before and noted in previous posts except for the pieces that make up the backless couch/divan. Those pieces came with the Villa Sibi dollhouse.


  1. i love the added scenes with the figures - particularly with the tot and mom at the sink.

    A very familiar view with my sis-in-law and nephew. awwwww . . .

  2. Ha ha! Thanks--yes, it is a familiar scene in my home too.