Monday, February 9, 2009

Ocean Drive: Room One...Sort Of

My Ocean Drive house is fun to decorate so far. I've already gone through several scenes in this room--this is number 11 and the one I've chosen...okay, remembered to photograph. I do wish the house had sliders instead of a pivot door on the second floor balcony side and I wish there were large or floor to ceiling windows by the second floor stairs and on the first floor across from the entry door. I was surprised to discover that the house has plexi-like sliders with the wood ones. I had only expected a single wood slider on each floor but was greeted by 3 additional acrylic ones for each opening.

I'm pretty happy with how the floors turned out--mixed hardwood in the interior and slate and concrete on the exterior. So far so good. The rooms are large but you really can't outfit a family home in this house unless you're pretending that the kids sleep on the couch or do sleeping bags on the roof (very similar to the Lundby Stockholm 2005 house). I've got some more ideas that I want to try out with this house and I'm undecided about what to do with the roof because my landscaping skills are zero. I am thinking of commissioning someone to build me a little modular unit to set on top as an office or bedroom with bath. Shrug.

Everything in this scene has been posted before except for the oversize brown club-like chair from Pottery Barn Kids and the little African stools from AG Minis' parts. The loveseat is actually a sink unit from Momoll turned upside down and sprinkled with pillows. The white coffee table and animal rug are from Paris Renfroe (PRD) and the wall art is Martin Puryear.


  1. The Ocean Drive house looks great - especially the hardwood floors.

    I also love the idea of the upside down Momoll sink - genius!!!

  2. Thanks Altera,

    It's a pretty good house. I might have to buy another...

  3. The floors look fan-tassss-tick! How great would it be to have those in a real house? They could really help to hide the dirt. As usual love the decorating and creativity.

  4. Thanks Mandy2008,
    Hey, wait a minute! Did you mean to put a stress on 'ass' in "fan-tassss-tick!"--ha ha! kidding as usual. Yes, I would love to have those mixed wood floors. Sadly, I have a long 'would love to have' list.

  5. Hiya MC,
    Slate and concrete, eh? How about some photos of that? Would love to see it, please.

  6. Hello Anonymous,

    And by "slate"--I mean high quality printed paper no longer made. And by "concrete"---I mean model paint. You can see some of the slate through the opened door in the photos. I'll definitely post pics of the outdoor finishes when I have something much more interesting out there.