Sunday, December 14, 2008

He Never Dines Alone

The art is called "Pentacon Six Camera Shot of Topless Woman in Fishnet Stockings" by Rafal Bednarz. The dining table, bench and chaise (on balcony terrace) are from Paris Renfroe Design. The wood sculpture is a broken wood bracelet. The vase is a bead. The wood block is from your basic craft/hobby store. The chairs are from Reac Japan. The stainless steel planter is a miniature Blomus pitcher that I borrowed from our kitchen.


  1. The Paris Renfroe stuff looks great in your house.

    phrow!! what an awesome and completely unexpected photo.

  2. Where do you get Paris Renfroe stuff from? Oh and the room looks great

  3. Thanks!
    You can get Paris Renfroe miniatures from him directly--search posts about him for his contact information. Renfroe Design Miniatures is a link to his ebay page--you can find that on the right frame list of resources.

  4. How fabulous. I'd live there!
    Was also struck by how lovely the floors are. Care to share building tips?

  5. Thank you!
    I lack the building skills. I always have someone else build for me. The floors are standard redwood--real wood dollhouse flooring that you can buy run-of-the-mill from any dollhouse store.

  6. You are always so modest when you are given compliments and I know you will be with this one…..But VERY TALENTED ARTIST is a title you well deserve!!!!!
    Have a Great Holiday and know that your hobby brings such joy to so many!!! Thank You for your Blog. It makes my day!!!!

  7. Ha ha! Thanks Mandy2008!
    I'm glad this crazy blog brings you joy. However, I've been seriously thinking of discontinuing the blog after the New Year. You also enjoy the holidays!

  8. I am new to the modern minature world and I read this blog almost everyday. This room is stunning. Every room you do I am in AWE. I love all your furniture, its so hard to find anything modern and your rooms make me want to live in them.

    If I can ask, where do you get modern minature art work like the one on display and in your other rooms, also the modern frames?

    Please don't stop the blog!

    Happy Holidays!

  9. I will be really disappointed if you end up discontinuing this blog =( Your blog had inspired/brought much joy to me and many others. Besides, I want more Sheila & family!

    Happy Holidays to you & your family MC!

  10. don't stop with your blog! it's the first thing i do when i get in to work every morning. cup of coffee and catching up on modern minis!

    by the way i've worked on a few more minIKEA bits - photos are on flickr...

  11. Your blog has been a huge source of inspiration (and a daily visit) for me as well.

    If you choose to set your electronic pen down, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for sharing your wonderful houses and miniatures with us.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  12. Mglifestyle,

    Whoa! Thank you!
    I usually pull images from the Internet, print them out on photo paper--sometimes adding the illusion of a frame via Photoshop before I print it out on photo paper. Sometimes I'll glue the picture to cardstock. I also use a lot of scrapbook decorations and cards. The other artwork that has real frames is from the Kaleidoscope House accessories.

  13. Vwong,
    I'll try to get some more Mike and Sheila scenes together. ha ha! And thank you! Happy holidays to you too!!

  14. Hi Annina,
    I missed your couch auction on ebay. I have no idea how I did that after the notice. I DID see the Malm bed. You are so damn crafty!! It looks great.

  15. Cecilia,
    Thank you for such nice compliments. I'm totally not worthy, but thank you. ha ha!
    You have have a great holiday as well!

  16. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your blog. I have a modern dollhouse my architect father designed for me when I was a child and I have been checking in with your blog for ideas on redecorating and refurnishing in the modern style. If you do choose to stop the blog, please know how much your work has been appreciated! You are very talented. Happy Holidays!

  17. Wow, Cara, thank you very much. How very kind and generous. You know I would love to see that dollhouse your architect dad designed for you...really!

  18. Please don't stop the blog! I look forward to reading it everday! The pictures give me great inspirations for my own dollhouses.
    You are EXTREMELY talented!