Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Summer House

The 1983 contemporary hexagon-shaped dollhouse kit by Rundquist Miniatures called The Summer House is on eBay. This 1:12 kit is new in box and features spiral stairs, closets and balconies. It's a lovely design (even better than the coveted Garden House) and very hard to find. Bidding is currently at $37...

SOLD for $306.22

See the built kit HERE

Image: Greenleaf Dollhouse Forum


  1. I spotted that on ebay a few days ago too and wondering whether furniture placement will be difficult in this house given its shape.

  2. True. It's an unusual design and furniture will probably be an interesting challenge. Also, the kit is not plywood but foam core which makes me wonder about it's stability for various interior designs.

  3. I lost the bid on ebay by a few cents. I would love to know who won it. I am curious to see pics once assembled.

  4. Hi Gwen,

    I won it. I think I'm going to be completely traumatized once I realize how difficult it will be to put together, so I'm doing another house first. Also, I want to change out the foam board with wood. Apparently, it was made by an architectural firm. Let me know if you want me to send you a copy of the instructions so you can see the interior design.

  5. Hi Moviedogs,

    A woman named Gloria has been trying to connect with you through the seller of the house. I have her email if you contact me. She has some questions about the structure, etc. You've got to show us how this project develops.

    Also, I bet Paris Renfroe could help you change out the floors for wood ones--he or his carpenter friend.

  6. Yes! YES, please send me a copy to Thank you.

  7. Hi, folks. I just came across one of these in my travels, and have posted it on eBay. It is item number 140595769997. It is currently available for purchase (as of 21 Aug, 2011, 3PM East Coast).
    A big thank you to the author of this blog for giving me the ability to learn something about what I was looking at and enabling me to share it with the rest of you fine folks.
    (tips cap, departs, smiling and whistling).