Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunny Side Up

I almost lost the egg stool (actually a small scale table from Re-Ment) to the play kitchen, but I guess I was somewhat convincing when I said that eggs with legs are not something people want to eat. The response I got was "What about chicken?"..., but they relented and let me keep the stool for myself. I'm not sure if it was an act of kindness or if they just took pity on me.


  1. I was wondering what kind of adhesive you use to attach things to the walls (ie, the orange shelf, the artwork). I imagine it has to be something that can be easily removed without damaging either the wall or the accessories. I've just started my mini modern collection and because I'm so 'Type A' I refuse to hang anything until I know I'm not going to ruin it! Thanks!

  2. Hi Cathy!

    I typically use Sticky Tac and removable poster or double-sided tape.

  3. I am curious on what camera and lens you use. I cannot use my camera, as it is unable to take "micro" or "close-up" shots. I need a new camera... so I can take photos of my minis.