Saturday, September 13, 2008

Liliane Doll’s Villa LIGHT for 1:6 or Larger

I have written about Liliane’s 1:6 creations before, but I wanted to let 1:6 modern enthusiasts know that she has created a smaller version of her Doll’s Villa to be released at the end of October. This birch plywood structure with a perforated stainless steel roof is about half the size of the original Villa and is also on casters for easy mobility. I’m unsure of the pricing of this house. The original was about $2,000 so this smaller one may cost roughly half of that.

The Doll’s Villa Light comes complete with 4 chairs, a dining table, multi-use bookcase, kitchen, swing, bed, desk/table, shower, toilet and bench. Oh, how I wish she would make 1:12 furnishings because I totally dig on the 1:6 kitchen.


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