Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Rabbit Hutch

I was going through a few random magazines when I came upon the International Playthings Furry Friends Hoppy Bunny. I'm not impressed with the toy, but the rabbit hutch reminded me of the modern modular dwellings that are used for additional living space. Fast forward a week later and I'm taking the structure apart (patient and gentle hammering to the four corners of the rooftop) to remove the wall that separates the hutch into a storage compartment and "bunny" living quarters. Once you remove the wall, it does leave a groove that can be covered with flooring and wallpaper, etc. Snip off the carrying handle, re-glue the roof and you've got yourself a modern roombox.
You could make it a dining pavilion, outdoor kitchen, office, art studio, etc., etc. You could also paint the structure another color. I think it could be an inexpensive option for someone looking to start their modern miniature hobby. Hmm, does anybody else hear Curtis Mayfield 'Pusher Man' in the background? Anyway, the Furry Friends Hoppy Bunny retails for about $30, but is currently on sale for $9.95 on the Sensational Beginnings website.

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