Monday, May 26, 2008

The Highland by Artply is MIB on eBay

I’ve been contacted recently by several dozens of people looking for an Eichler dollhouse. Unfortunately, I have never seen an Eichler dollhouse. I believe you would have to commission or build a dollhouse that looked like an Eichler. If anyone has other information, please share.

The Highland, is probably the closest you can get to a mid-century modern style dollhouse in kit form. Granted, it’s no Eichler but it would work well decorated with mid-century modern décor. The dollhouse is currently on eBay and the bidding started at about $25. This is a relatively hard to find kit—especially mint in box. It typically doesn’t go over $325 in a bidding war. And now that I’ve said that…


  1. A dollhouse which is very similar to the Highland is the Brookwood by Greenleaf. It was popular in the 80's and they just recently brought it back! I won one from ebay before they brought it back, and I still have yet to assemble it. I love modern dollhouses the best!

    Susan Ghearing

  2. Ehh---the Brookwood is contemporary, yeah--but I don't agree that it looks like the Highland. The Highland is more 70's architecture and the Brookwood is total 80's without the fluorescent socks.

  3. I agree. I've built both of these houses.