Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pintoy Airport = Cool Toy

Pintoy has introduced an airport playset this year that I will end up having to buy two of. One for me and one for the kids. Ridiculous, but true! I think it is a really cool looking toy. Also I think with some imagination and the right miniatures, you could turn it into a futuristic open-plan dollhouse--see the carport on the side? How about the view deck? Is that an indoor greenhouse or an exhibitionist's bathroom? Paint over "Airport" and I see opportunity there...

Since I'm fawning over Pintoy, I should also make note that I think the Pintoy Space Station (pictured below) would make an interesting dollhouse too. I'm diggin' on the elevator.



  1. I have always felt that dollhouses need more elevators! My hubby thinks I am nuts but a modern three story house without an elevator? Pffft to that lol.

    I love your mini's! It has taken me a while to get through all your posts because I had to keep wiping drool off my keyboard ;)

  2. I really want to buy this airport does one find them in the US? Thanks for any guidance...

  3. I saw this item on Amazon a few months ago. I just saw this set at a toy store in San Francisco called Jeffrey's Toys. They might let you pay via phone and ship the set to you. Other than that, there are some UK shops and shops in Australia that ship overseas.