Monday, January 14, 2008

The Brocade Home Mini Furniture

I'll never realize the miniature version of the La Terraza del Casino restaurant. Not just because I do not have a mini Showtime Armchair with Cover by Jaime Hayon, but because the Brocade Home mini furniture sets that I wanted to use (the sofa and chairs) are not very good quality. I had hoped that for the $50 price the sets would be of better quality, but the makers were quite sloppy. I do not recommend purchasing any of the sets except for the petite boudoir--and even then I say "wait for the sale."

Pictured above is the use of the Brocade Home petite boudoir in the Kaleidoscope House.


  1. It's fun seeing someone else use the same room in a completely different way!

    This is a bathroom in my house :-)

  2. Finding your blog has been better than many Christmas mornings! I'm not real sure how I found it, but I am SOOOO happy to have done so! I think I have looked at every picture now and read all of the commentary. Thanks so much, I have had such a lovely time in your 'homes' and am now even more inspired to create my own.
    Oh, and your 360 house is fantastic and my favorite, but I've always wanted the Kalaidoscope and unfortunately assumed it would always be available.

  3. Glamourshoes,

    Thank you very much. I'm still amazed that anybody looks at this blog.

  4. We look because you're filling a huge need! I used to be a moderator on Greenleaf's blog (as "calamari"), and it was my constant lament that there just isn't much support for building and furnishing contemporary or modern houses.

    Too, too sad that the Brocade Home furniture isn't all that great... I was putting off ordering it because I don't have space for 1:12 projects at the moment, and now I'm relieved.

  5. Wow, that must take such patience.