Saturday, December 8, 2007

Happy Holidays 2007

Aren't you tired of the Christmas music already? Sometimes it feels/sounds so phony when retailers and restaurants are blaring old school Kringle mixes and re-mixes by pop stars. Granted, I do have my Christmas song favorites. My family is partial to the "Carol of the Bells" only because it sounds like horror movie theme music. I'm also okay with select jazz renditions of Christmas standards. So what's that got to do with anything pictured above? Absolutely nothing, well, unless you count that I'm jumping on the "It's the Holidays!" bandwagon with the miniature display. Yeah, I am. But I should get credit for not doing any Halloween or Thanksgiving themes, right? Shrug.

Oh, and yes, I realize in retrospect that one might be
self-conscious to sit on the couch. Too funny.

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