Monday, October 8, 2007

The Prairie Style Dollhouse by Lawbre

I have no idea how I missed this house when it came onto the market. Perhaps it's because dollhouse retailers tend to not stock any modern or unusual dollhouses and accessories from their suppliers. I happened to stumble upon this beauty while flipping through a catalog at a local dollhouse shop. It's a prarie style dollhouse distributed by The Lawbre Company. The Lawbre Company makes detailed miniature houses that they sell as an assembled shell or in a fully finished form. They do not offer kits.

I searched online and found one retailer who was selling the house--Mott's Miniatures and Dollhouse Shop. Further inquiry to The Lawbre Company revealed that the house is currently out of production but highly expected to return within the next year. The structure is offered in large and small size versions. The unfinished shell in the large size costs $2,469 and $4,235 finished. The unfinished shell in a smaller size retails for $1,604 and the finished is $2,753.
I've been promised additional images of the exterior and interior from Lawbre. I will post when I receive them.

I'd love to own the large version that's pictured above.

Image source: Mott's Miniatures and Dollhouse Shop

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