Sunday, September 30, 2007

What Could Have Been 1: Kaleidoscope House Pool Pavilion

Years ago, when I discovered that Bozart Toys had plans to release the Pool Pavilion, I purchased the Ikea Varde counter storage unit to put the Kaleidoscope House and pool addition upon. I stalked the Unica Home site daily in anticipation of seeing the item note go from “pre-order” to “available”. Well, as everyone knows, the Pool Pavilion never made it to production and I’m reminded of it every time I temporarily stack miniatures on the Varde counter in the space that was to be for the KH pool.

There is only one prototype of the Pool Pavilion and it sits proudly in Peter M. Wheelwright’s office. You’ll remember that Peter is the architect who designed the Kaleidoscope House and Pool. He was kind enough to entertain my email inquiry about the design of the Pool Pavilion, as well as provide me with some additional pictures of the structure. He had this to say about the Pool Pavilion and accessories:

“In some ways, I like the design of the Pool Pavilion better than the K House, although they work quite well as a pairing which had been the original intention. I think the details in the Pool Pavilion, like the rear sauna with its small corner windows, give it a nice scale. The pool actually held water and was lit from below. Laurie Simmons was designing swimming dolls and we had 'pool side' accessories planned with the architect, Michael Graves, artist John Newman, and others. Unfortunately, despite the surprising interest in the Kaleidoscope House, the Pool Pavilion never went into production.”

I really wish that the Pool Pavilion and other pool accessories had made it into production before Bozart folded. To this day, my Kaleidoscope House seems incomplete.

P.S. Peter is not willing to part with the pool.


  1. I completely feel the same way. I was salivating over that pool. Well, another loss for us modern miniature collectors. By the way--I LOVE your blog!!

  2. I don't suppose Peter mentioned what happened to the rights to the dollhouse after Bozart went under?

  3. I let my son play with the house.YIKES. Now of course I regret it as I search for replacement parts. Any suggestions on how to find replacemnt wall parts?

  4. Hello Andrew,

    My first response is ebay even though I hate that that is always the answer for everything it seems. I've seen a few auctions for Kaleidoscope House parts. If you have access to a plastics shop--they can usually cut Plexi panels to specification. It might not be the original walls but you can get all of the colors from these places. I expect that they can also get the white trim and fittings that frame the Plexi panels. These shops can also repair plastic in certain cases. Best to you!

  5. Someone is selling the Kaleidoscope House with ALL accessories un-opened on eBay (end time Dec 1, 07).

    Starting bid... $1,999.99

    Ouch. Guess I'll have to live without it.

  6. I, too have wished for the Pool Pavilion. I have one complete Kaleidoscope Doll House with all accesssory boxes and dollhouse box, complete new unopened Kaleidoscope Doll House, which still resides in its shipping box from China. Along with this, I have unopened extra boxes of every accessory item ever offered. Oh, to have that pool. Now, what about fabricating a knockoff? What is the legality of that. There must be hundreds of people who would pay handsomely for such an item.

    Thanks for the cool blog.

    Your friend,


  7. Do you ever comment on worth of items, like Kaleidoscope dolls? The range is huge, and it is not so clear to me what dolls were put into production in the first place. I got a $40.00 second chance offer on Ebay on a set of dolls (not in box), here: But I have no sense on it. You're probably not in the business of offering advice, but I'd appreciate it if you could point me to some good online or print resources for details on was produced by Bozart, if possible!! Thanks, always enjoy your blog.

  8. I think the Puppenhaus Museum has a listing of the items that were offered. I also have no idea how much items are worth. I bought all of my KH items before they were discontinued. The dolls you purchased are KH dolls. I'll see if I can find my old catalogs and post the KH items. A dollhouse appraiser might be able to help more with value or cost estimates.

  9. i wish i never (just) found out this was going to be!! so much worse than it actually existing and costing a small fortune. unattainable. my heart is sick. i'm lucky to own a kaleidoscope house with about half the furniture they made for it and was recently looking for the other sets. had no idea bozart went under and that this was so desirable.

  10. I just purchased this amazing dollhouse without instructions. May someone email me the assembly instructions? I would appreciate it so much!

    Sandi (

  11. This was adorable, but having seen several, I am glad I passed on it due to the high cost (probably about $1000 new with everything that they actually produced -- god knows how much bought on ebay!)

    It was VERY poorly constructed. I saw new UNPLAYED WITH models at our local museum, and they were already cracked and damaged.

    Personally, I found the dolls (who were replicas of Greenwright and Laurie Simmons, and her children, one of whom (Lena Graham) is now a famous filmmaker) a bit creepy in their hyper-reality.

    If you go to Simmon's personal website, she has great photos of the house, some very arty, plus catalog pages including of the items like the pool house and the "swimming dolls" (just dolls in bathing suits) that were never made.....