Monday, September 10, 2007

The Malibu Beach Dollhouse

Here are some pictures of the Malibu Beach Dollhouse. I posed the figures to look like they just moved into the place. Sadly, absolutely none of the rooms are fully decorated. My family and career have the majority of my energy so there is not much time to decorate, but I hope to make time and get these rooms together. The lack of accessories, etc. makes the rooms look very sterile and like no one lives there. One thing I’m quite happy about though is how the real wood floors came out when this house was put together. There is something magical about how the smell of fresh paint and varnish still wafts through the air when I open one of the structure’s panels. It smells like a new home. I think if I purchase a second one of these Malibu Beach dollhouses, I will stain the entire house in rich walnut and maple instead of painting it. It’s really a great dollhouse.


  1. I love it!!! I make modern miniature furniture and have trouble selling it at shows because most collectors do not have modern dollhouses or roomboxes. That looks fabulous!! If you need things to fill it check out my items on eBay (elletattooandwho is my ID) and I also do special requests if I am capable of the task. ;O)

  2. fell in love with malibu beach house are there plans for my hubby to build it for me hes already made me a victorian house can u help valerie xx

  3. Hi,
    I love your blog. I just bought the Malibu beach house. Did you just varnish the wood floors? Did you put it together first and then paint it? Any advice would be appreciated!
    Thanks so much. Kathy

  4. Hi Kathy!
    Thank you much. I do need to publish more often though, ey? Chuckles! I did not assemble this house. I paid someone to build it. They did varnish the wood floors after cutting and gluing them in. They painted the house first before putting it together. It was easy because I chose white inside and out.

    Putting a house together requires patience that I do not possess--ha ha! I do understand that whenever you assemble a kit house, you lay out all the pieces to make sure you have them and then go through the process of dry building the house using masking tape to hold--this allows you to become familiar with the build process and make decisions about wall colors or wallpapers and flooring. People then label/mark the floor and walls so that they can see once the house is disassembled where paint, wall coverings and flooring go, as well as where to start and stop the flooring and wall covering. People then paint and apply wall coverings prior to doing the final build. In regards to the floors, I have seen people put them in before assembling the house and after. Any local dollhouse store owner can definitely guide you better than I can. Additionally, there are some nice threads on the Greenleaf, Dolls House Emporium and Real Good Toys sites and forums/message boards. I hope you have a lot of fun with the Malibu Beach. I sold mine but loved it when it was in my possession. Best!

  5. Thanks so much! That's a good idea. I am not sure I have the patience (or more importantly, the skill), but I am going to try to put mine together next week! Loved the blog post with the pictures of the "chaos" - I was wondering how you store all your minis. Best, Kathy