Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Le Corbusier Guiette House Model

When I ordered this model, I had originally planned to stain and decorate it, but after it arrived, I decided that it was better left untouched. Not just because I would have a hard time accessing the second and third floor to furnish it, but because it simply looks cool in its unfinished form.


  1. sorry, I dont know english...
    Adoro el estilo moderno de las casas de muñecas. En mi blog, también trato ese tema. Muchas gracias por tu estupendo blog... Me ha ayudado mucho
    Best wishes!

  2. Have you ever done anything with this house? I don't recall seeing it in scenes. Cheers!

  3. I think I only used it once for a Mike and Sheila post. It's more of an architectural model that doesn't quite lend itself to play/design.

  4. where did you get this model from?

    1. Hello Ara,
      I ordered it from I do not believe they sell it any longer though. Every once in awhile one will show up on ebay.