Monday, September 3, 2007

Falling Water Dollhouse

This is one of my favorite pieces-- a 1/144 scale miniature crafted to pay tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water House. This is a dollhouse for the dollhouse sized miniature. It's signed Steve, but I'm not sure who Steve is.

I once inquired with a dollhouse maker what it might cost to get a 1:12 version of Falling Water (complete with the built-ins and the water) and the price quote came back at $40,000 plus. That's a down payment on a real house (well, not where I live, but...) or in some places the full cost of a house. I could never justify that expenditure even if it would
absolutely rock to have a mini Frank Lloyd Wright dollhouse.

UPDATE 01/20/08
I just found my journal of every dollhouse item I purchased between 2001 and 2003. In it, I discovered that the person who built the 1/144 dollhouse was named Steven Bebe.


  1. Hi MC, I had seen this post before, and have been meaning to inquire on where you can find Steven Bebe. The 1/144 house is amazing!

  2. I cannot find this dude anywhere. I did a Google and nothing comes up--except this post. Might have to contact some old school dollhouse store owners/hobbyists. If I find out, I'll post here.