Thursday, September 6, 2007

Elf Miniatures -- I Will Always Love You

I've always been enamored with Elf Miniatures, a modern miniature company based in the UK. It's been quite some time (a few years?) since they've updated the images on their company website, but I never tire of looking at the extraordinary pics of their modern miniature offerings. The kitchens, the baths and the bedrooms look so real. I've posted some images here, but you can see much more on their site and download their kitchen, bath, bedroom and do-it-yourself kit catalogs. It kinda takes you back to the days of the Sears Christmas Wish Book.


  1. Hi. Came across this today...and as I AM ELF Miniatures, have taken on board your comments re renewal of photos - truth is, I don't do my own website, but pay someone to do it for me, so I tend to get a bit lazy about replacing photos...but I promise I will put some new ones up THIS WEEK!

  2. Update. Three pages renewed, fourth (Kits, including a couple of photos of finished projects made by ELF clients) will be up tomorrow. Hope you find something of interest amongst the new photos!