Monday, August 6, 2007

Some of the Great Modern Miniature Houses

I wish there were more modern dollhouses on the market---course then I would probably be incredibly broke from spending money on them. If I ever stumble upon some extra money (because people are bound to do that from time to time), I think I will start a modern dollhouse company.

Houses in order of appearance:

Green Dollhouse with Green Roof/Green Condo with Roof Garden by Yasuo Tokuoka, MKBarr House, Momoll Playtower Thing 3, Malibu Beach Dollhouse, Lundby Stockholm 2005, 123 Waterside Way, Lolly's Citadel, Villa Sibi, Hase Weiss Puppenstuben Raumes, Charles & Ray Eames Revell dollhouse (never produced but somebody has that prototype) and The Kaleidoscope House

1 comment:

  1. Excellent rundown on some of the more interesting dollhouses produced.. I too am in search of the elusive Eames for Revell prototype..

    a few interesting vintage pieces that I have in my personal miniature architecture include: "Debbie's Dream House" by Deluxe, Irwin's "Interior Decorator Set" (similar to the Eames concept) , the Marx "A-Frame" and futuristic "House of Tomorrow" in colored plexi reminiscent of the Bozart House.

    The CCA - Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal has a nice collection of architectural toys and has produced several exhibitions about architectural toys.

    Keep up the good work and let me know if you track down the Eames Revell prototype....