Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"Bedrooms" IKEA Rooms 7

I remember when I made the boy's room (complete with action figures, life-size terminator collectibles and a playboy magazine tucked under the pillow), men who came by the house and saw it said "That boy has a cool room...and he's spoiled." I think it's funny that they were able to attribute some sort of personality and story to the "family" of the dollhouse from just a single room.

In addition, people would say that the couple who slept in the blue master bedroom were neat freaks and growing apart; that the female in the relationship ran the roost and spoiled the dog who slept at the foot of the bed. I really wasn't going for that concept when I put the room together...

The girl's room is not particularly to my taste--other than the round egg canopy bed. At the time, the fluffy pink with sparkles stuff was all the rage for tween girl rooms. What's that? Oh. I see. It's still all the rage.

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