Monday, April 30, 2012

This Nomad Will Soon Come Home

The Nomad Home that I posted about is almost complete! I'm already making a place for it in my home which means that I'll be selling some structures over the next few weeks. What can I say? I love them and leave them. Anyway, I can't wait to see this model in person. It's been a real joy to work with John Bui. I love the modular deck and the wood selections for the exterior and the interior flooring. And who doesn't love the zebrawood door on the entrance? I have so many design ideas for this structure. Insert evil cackle of glee here. One down and so many more modern structures to collect. Don't you worry little modern farmhouse dollhouse, I'm gonna get you and your little barn door too!! Cue alarmed munchkins and ominous music. Yes, yes I did just fly off on a broomstick... I'm not ashamed. 

Images: John Bui 
Note: The structure is 1:12 and the cute chair inside is a smaller scale.

Monday, April 23, 2012

All's Well That Ends Swell

I built this room two weeks ago. By "built" I mean that it had all the wall coverings, a new door and counter pieces. However, after that part of the process, I just stared at the empty room.  I knew it would end up as some type of retail but I wasn't sure what kind. I thought about posting the bare room and asking blog readers to choose between a restaurant, a beauty salon, cosmetics store, event planning company or other, but after reading Pepper's post with a similar dilemma, I decided to move forward on my own. I did a lot of staring at this miniature room this weekend, but I guess it turned out okay in the end. 

Oh, and it's a coffee case you are wondering. And there is more seating!
For this scene, I finally got an opportunity to use some salt and pepper shakers that I purchased for use as trash cans and outdoor planters. I think you can find these at any store.  Sidebar: I have yet to entertain in such a fashion where each of my guests need personal salt and pepper shakers. You?
And I'll throw in some pics of figures within the scene to give it proper scale.
The Goods: Counters are Selecta and Voila Toys; display hutch is DHE; tables are AG Minis and wood samples from My Realitty; Eames chairs are Reac Japan; light fixtures are diamond magnets; all accessories are Re-Ment, Mighty World, Playmobil, Mattel, and common hobby store finds.